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									Bed And Breakfast Scheme in Delhi, India
Delhi, the capital of India is located on the banks of river Yamuna. From
time immemorial, it has had its share of travelers and revelers. Due to
recent economic upturn and the growth of the Indian economy, there has
been a steady increase in business tourism and therefore there is a
dearth of decent accommodation in Delhi.
The Delhi Government estimates a shortage of approximately 30,000 rooms
for visitors for the Common Wealth Games 2010, therefore the Union
Ministry of Tourism has launched the Bed and Breakfast Scheme. The
features of this Bed and breakfast scheme are that the Government
requires home owners to provide additional rooms for use as a bed and
breakfast accommodation in their private residences. The Delhi Government
offers the home owners a grading system depending on the facilities made
available. The license to open a Bed and Breakfast is given after police
verification and grading is complete. Currently the Bed and Breakfast are
graded into Silver and Gold Category. The home owners who are willing to
augment their income and provide their extra rooms for tourists can avail
of this facility. The tourist stays in the owner's house and learns the
customs and culture of the country and therefore takes back with him rich
memories and experiences, which cannot be gained from staying in a hotel.
The owner augments his income and gets to meet new people from different
culture and background and the tourist gets to experience the lifestyle
and culture of other nationalities. This is best suited to families who
want to stay and see/explore how other cultures/ nationalities live and
to gain an insight into the cultural heritage of that country.
Dr Abhishek Arora is an associate editor of eDoctor and Delhi Bed and
Breakfast. Delhi Bed and Breakfast is a Gold Category Bed and Breakfast
in Delhi.

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