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									Strategic Internet Marketing Tips
Looking to identify a strategic internet marketing plan? Wondering how
the professionals develop one? Here I've put together a few different
tips to aide you in your quest to develop some strategic internet
marketing techniques.
Get Traffic Smart
Search engines are a monster, and they are constantly evolving based on
the uniqueness of their daily users. To conquer this, you need to be
strategic with your Internet marketing. So if you sell blue widgets,
don't just target your internet marketing to people looking for that.
What about 'very blue widgets', or 'widgets that are blue'? There are
many different ways that each customer looks for a product or service and
the search engines are smart enough to route that traffic to the correct
place. Use these other long-tail phrases in your anchor text, pages, and
titles, and you'll be driving masses of highly qualified traffic to your
site in no time
Get Busy
Make a daily plan. I like to incorporate a little bit of activity to
sustain my business online each day. This includes making strategic
choices to write more articles, submit more press releases, and to get on
the phone! Not only do I like to do a few activities to sustain my
business, I also like to include activities to re-invent, and grow my
business. In doing this, I make my time much more valuable, and I can
quantify my activities with a particular dollar value. This is of the
utmost importance if you want to truly make some money.
You truly need to have some strategic internet marketing to make a solid
full-time income online. Use these tips wisely, and you will do very
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