Internet Marketing Tips - Are Your Emails Ending Up in the Spam Box

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					Internet Marketing Tips - Are Your Emails Ending Up in the Spam Box?
I've been doing email marketing for over five years now. It has been a
major part of my success online. However, there are many marketers who I
talk to who tell me that they're not getting any results from email
marketing. The first question I ask them is "Are your emails getting
read?" They have no idea. That's another issue for another day, but you
must at least track your email campaigns to see if your emails are being
opened and read. However, they're not going to get read if they're ending
up in somebody's spam box. How can you tell? Well, you can't, but there
are things you can do to help prevent that from happening. This article
is going to share a few of them with you.
The first thing you can do to ensure your emails get delivered is to use
a reputable email delivery service. A lot of marketers scrimp and save
here and go with free services or ones with no reputation to speak of.
Well, when you do that, you run the risk of having your emails end up as
spam. By going with a reputable service like Aweber or GetResponse, you
have a much better shot at getting your emails delivered. And when your
emails get delivered, they have a better chance of being read.
Another thing you can do to ensure that your emails get delivered is to
avoid subjects with words that might trip the spam filters of some of the
major ISPs. Because of the amount of spam that is generated on a daily
basis, ISPs have had no choice but to put very aggressive filters on
email accounts. Heck, a lot of email that I want to get doesn't get
delivered. So I know what it's like. By avoiding spam triggering words
like FREE, you can help get your emails delivered with more regularity.
Finally, there is the actual message of the email itself. The same rules
apply here as for the subject of the email. You can't load up your
message with a ton of info that is going to trip the spam filters. It's
easy enough to find out what this content is. Just look up "spam checker"
and Google and you'll find plenty of words that trip these filters.
Once you get your emails delivered, the rest is easy as long as you have
a good message and an offer that people can't refuse.
To YOUR Success,
Steven Wagenheim
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