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									Languages, the Way to Find Ways
It is the most effective type of communication and is conveyed via set of
image, aural or physical signs. It refers to their usage as a common
occurrence. Although it is normally considered as a mode of communication
amongst the human beings, animals are not exclusive to its practice
either. But owing to their complicated mode of communication they are not
known to fulfill the criteria of the formal definition of the languages
as given by the linguistics.
Every country has its own national language. It has various dialects of
the same verbal communication prevalent in the various areas of that
particular country. It is flexible and prone to change, in contrast a
language that does not change is labeled as dead. Whereas a language that
continues to change continuously is categorized as a modern language.
Further distinguishing between two languages is near to impossible as a
particular language has several dialects and the dialect of one language
may resemble the dialect of another language.
There are several types of languages some of the common ones having been
explained here. Artificial language is the first kind, it involves the
construction of a language fro the useful, tentative or individual
causes. There are numerous auxiliary languages that are easier to grasp
in comparison to the natural languages. Many authors have also
constructed fantasy verbal communications for fictional and mythical
Then comes the controlled languages which as the name suggests have
controlled sentence structures and vocabulary and eradicates vagueness
and intricacy. The idea behind its expansion is the implementation of
effortlessness understanding and usage by a non resident orator.
The more formal languages include the sciences and mathematical subjects
that employ the usage of simulated bodies such as languages for
programming and mark ups that are used for the facilitation of

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