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Toys That Promote Creativity


									Toys That Promote Creativity
What is a toy? A toy is an product used for playing. Usually toys are for
children. However, some toys are also for teens and adults. For young
children, toys and playing are essential aspect of the process of
maturation and discovery of the world.
Some toys are gender specific. For example, Barbie dolls are widely
accepted as for girls.
Some toys can promote creativity and mental agility. These toys usually
can expand in terms of complexity.
Lego mindstorm is a toy that can promote creativity and problem-solving
What is LEGO Mindstorms? It is a product series from Lego that is a
modular building set. This set combines programmable bricks with many
other types of mechanical, electronic and electric components. These
components includes parts such as motors, sensors, Lego bricks, and Lego
Technic pieces. Lego Technic pieces are mechanical parts such as gears,
axles, and beams.
Lego Mindstorms kits are also being used as a teaching and educational
tool. The educational version of the products is known as Lego Mindstorms
for Schools,
Fischertechnik is another system of playables that can promote creativity
and problem-solving ability. What is Fischertechnik? It is a German-made
construction system and robot making kit. These kits enables a multitude
of systems and models to be created by slotting precision-engineered
parts together.
Both Lego Mindstorms and Fischertechnik are modular systems that requires
a certain learning curve to play with. This feature, plus their infinite
and flexible nature promotes creativity-related skills. Also problem
solving abilities are also put to the test.
That's all for the article. Thanks for reading.
The author runs Ideacosmo, a website with features interesting robot toys
related articles such as Robot building kits as well as modular robot
building systems.

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