Human Mind Bandwidth by primusboy


									Human Mind Bandwidth
How powerful is the human mind? How much can it hold? What is the mind’s
bandwidth? Is it possible to increase it? Does anyone really know what
the human mind is capable of? There are humans with anomalies who can do
some pretty remarkable things such as Savants and other people special
If the human mind is capable of this that means that anyone can do it
perhaps with excellent conditioning, training or a little genetic
manipulation. Over the last decade brain researchers have come up with
some incredible discoveries of how the brain actually works and each time
we are amazed at how well such a simple device does.
It seems impossible that works so well and it makes people wonder who
work on artificial intelligence how come they cannot duplicate a machine
to do that. Most people believe that someday we will develop artificial
intelligence, which will be able to work better than the human mind in
nearly everything that the human mind does.
But also remember the human mind is controlling the human body and it is
also engaged in thinking, reasoning, decision-making and storage of
information that comes in from the senses. Much of our mind bandwidth,
over 60% is said to be used up in the visual section of the brain taking
in the sights that we see and recording them.
This means if you close your eyes he should be able to increase your
human mind bandwidth by 60%. Imagine increasing your brain bandwidth by
60% and that would mean you can process information 60% faster, store 60%
more information or a combination of 30% more storage and working 30%
faster or perhaps even better than that. No one knows the limitations of
the human mind or it actual bandwidth, as it is one of the most
incredible organic machines ever created. Please consider all this in
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