State of Illinois Smoke Free Act Fact Sheet for by kerrib


									                            State of Illinois Smoke Free Act
                       Fact Sheet for Chicago Businesses

In 2007 the State of Illinois passed Senate Bill 500 that bans smoking in all public places,
   or in any place of employment or within 15 feet of any entrance to a public place or
                                   place of employment.

Quick facts about the Smoke Free Illinois Act

   •   The ban takes effect on January 1st, 2008.

   •   The smoking ban applies to all “public places”. This includes but is not
       limited to: hospitals, restaurants, bars, taverns, retail stores, offices,
       elevators, indoor theaters, libraries, museums, concert halls, educational
       facilities, nursing homes, auditoriums, schools, meeting rooms, exhibit
       halls, convention facilities, private clubs, lobbies, bowling alleys, skating
       rinks, and student dormitories.

   •   The Smoke Free Act will apply to bars and restaurants and supersedes the
       Chicago Clean Indoor Air Ordinance Act of 2005.

   •   “No smoking” signs are required to be posted at every entrance.

Where is smoking allowed?

   •   Private residences- unless being used as a child care, adult day care or
       healthcare facility or any other home based business that is open to the

   •   Retail tobacco stores that have been in operation prior to January 1st,
       2008- and derive more than 80% of gross revenue from the sale of
       tobacco and related smoking accessories. An annual affidavit is required
       with the State of Illinois Department of Public Health. This exemption
       does not apply to any establishment with any type of liquor or retail food

   •   Private and semi private rooms in nursing homes or long term care

   •   Hotel and Motel rooms that are designated smoking rooms, not more than
       25% of the rooms may be designated as smoking rooms.

           For more information, contact the Illinois Department of Public Health at

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