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									Alternative Treatments For Lung Cancer
If your doctor has told you that your lung cancer can't be cured, you may
be tempted to turn to complementary and alternative medicine for answers.
But this doesn't mean you have to choose between conventional treat ments
and alternative treatments. Rather than forgoing mainstream cancer
treatments, using complementary and alternative treatments along with
care from your doctor may be a reasonable option.
Your doctor can help you weigh the benefits and risks of compl ementary
and alternative treatments. The American College of Chest Physicians
reviewed available complementary and alternative treatments and found
some therapies may be helpful for people with lung cancer, including
acupuncture, hypnosis, massage, meditation and yoga
The alternative treatments above are basically palliative treatments
aimed to lessen the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and not
curing the cancer. Patients can then enjoy quality time and for longer
period too.
However, some alternative treatments such as Vitamin C Intravenous
Infusion and Baking Soda water have even reversed the cancer and convert
cancer cells back to healthy ones. Combined with mostly vegan cancer-
friendly diet, the recovery cases have doctors scratching thei r heads.
Basically alternative treatment works by reducing toxin in the body,
strengthen the immune system, control the excessive acidity bodily
environment that encourage tumor growth and infuse the blood with more
oxygen that kill cancer cells. In other words, these treatments are
strategically targeted yet they are generally gentle and non -invasive as
opposed to conventional treatment. Even patients with weak health can
undergo these treatments.
Some newer alternative cancer treatments are giving lung cancer patients
new hope, but there are never any guarantees treating advanced lung
cancer because there are so many things that can go wrong. The Brandt
Grape Cure is always recommended as a replacement for the "cancer diet"
of any other alternative cancer treatment. This diet involve eating only
grapes to flood the body with the goodness of antioxidant.
Though going to an alternative treatment route is perceived to be
healthier, cancer experts said they tend not to recommend the procedures.
This is mainly because alternative treatments are not FDA-approved and
have no clear proof of success. There aren't stats on alternative
treatments because there are no sponsors and there are strict guidelines
that must be followed in order to publish a statistic.
Health insurance does not cover the cost of alternative treatment, but
the good news is alternative treatments need not cost a lot of money.
Since this is the aspect that the patient have control over in his or her
cancer battle, it is worth a try.
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information on lung cancer and how to reverse lung cancer using gentle,
alternative methods.

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