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					Sony PSP Giga Pack - All in One
The product of the Sony Computer Entertainment include multitude of high-
end products from AC Adapter, standard battery pack, PSP hardware,
headphones with remote control, pouch, cloth, USB cable and a stand. And
the best part of the whole gamut is that it includes one gig Memory
It is worth mentioning the PSP is currently available in two forms in
Japan: a bare bones standard package and a value package which mirrors
the system's US packaging. It is to be noted that both of these packages
available in the US and in the Japan will continue to be available once
the Giga Pack has been released.
Sony expects the product be made available in North America, Europe and
other parts of Asia in November.
It is of interest, Giga, which means something really big, is the prefix
for the new Sony PSP goody bag. The Sony PSP Giga Pack is also known as
the PSP-1000G.
The one problem many of its users are encountering – they are not able to
view pictures on their PSP.
There are many reasons behind it.
If the images does not display. It is possible the problem has to do with
the image data size or the editing work done on the image. If it has been
edited in the PC, the image will not be visible.
Besides it, one more hard reason not showing image relates to the PSP
system not recognising the image data. To rectify this problem - check
that the data is saved in the correct folder on the Memory Stick Duo. And
if the file or folder name on the Memory Stick Duo is changed, or if the
file or folder is moved to another location using a PC, the PSP system
may not recognise it. Images in a file format that is not compatible with
the PSP system will not be recognised.
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Sony PSP Giga Pack
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