Tummy Tuck and Mommy Makeovers Gain Popularity

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					Tummy Tuck and Mommy Makeovers Gain Popularity
Becoming a mother is a huge sacrifice. Your time, money, priorities and
your body, at least for the nine months of pregnancy, are no longer
yours. When you get your body back after nine months, and you're un happy
with the changes its gone through, you know you're a candidate for a
Having a mommy-makeover is growing in popularity with more new mothers
getting back their pre-pregnancy bodies. Celebrity moms are the ones who
started the craze by getting back into top shape in a few months after
their delivery.
One reason for the increasing popularity is that times have changed.
Being a mother today is a lot different than the moms from the "Leave it
to Beaver" era. Yes, your kids are priority one, but your life doesn't
revolve around them. They are not your sole reason for being.
You work hard and play hard, and you want to look good doing it. Of
course, just having the choices that advancements in plastic surgery give
you mean you don't have to settle for your post-baby body. So, just what
are moms doing and why?
First of all, the term, "mommy-makeover", refers to several cosmetic
procedures, typically a tummy tuck, breast reduction or implants, breast
lift and liposuction. According to the American Society of Plastic
Surgeons, members have seen an increase of about 12% in mommy-makeover
Multiple pregnancies mean that your stomach has been stretched and shrunk
and stretched, and at some point, it doesn't bounce back to normal. All
of this stretching compromises the elasticity of the skin. As you age,
your abdominal skin further loses elasticity.
As a result, the tummy tuck is probably the most popular mommy -makeover
procedure. Your surgeon removes excess skin and tightens the abdomi nal
muscles, which have also been weakened during pregnancy.
But, the stomach is not the only area that grows with baby. The breasts
also grow and the skin is stretched. After the birth and nursing, two
things happen - your breasts either stay huge or they shrink back to
smaller than ever. Post-nursing, they may also lose elasticity and sag a
lot. In this case, breast reduction or implants, may be in order. A
breast lift often goes along with both of these procedures because the
skin has been stretched beyond repait.
You may also find it difficult to lose your post -baby fat. Not everyone
has a celebrity trainer or chef to make sure they get back to their pre-
baby body in a month. Liposuction can 'spot reduce' the fat that gathered
while you were eating for two. The stomach, thighs, waist (love handles)
and buttocks are areas that fat tends to gather during pregnancy.
If you decide to have a mommy-makeover, make sure you do your research.
Verify your surgeon's credentials and make sure he is board certified in
plastic surgery. Decide which procedures you want and clearly discuss
your expectations with your surgeon.
Most importantly, give yourself time to recuperate from the birth,
because, depending on the extent of your surgeries, you'll be out of
commission for a while. You don't want your mommy-makeover to get in the
way of being a mother.
As a new mother, a mommy-makeover can help you lose the sagging breasts
and belly, and regain your dignity after pregnancy. In New Jersey, tummy
tuck surgery and advanced lipoabdominoplasty is offered by a board-
certified Bergen County plastic surgeon at