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									Safe Laser Eye Surgery
People generally get tired wiping sweat off their eyeglasses or cleaning
their contact lens. Maintaining contact lenses is a tedious and time-
consuming task. Laser eye surgery is used to correct the defects of the
eyes such as myopia, commonly called nearsightedness, or hyperopia also
known as farsightedness, and astigmatism.
In recent times, medical lasers have become more sophisticated and are
complemented by surgical techniques that are less invasive. Laser eye
surgery is generally considered safe but it is highly recommended not to
misinterpret these as ?risk-free?. This is so because all surgical
procedures normally involve some amount of risk.
A substantial number of people have given up their glasses and contact
lenses after opting to have laser eye surgery. However, there are many
considerations that have to be kept in mind before planning to go for
laser eye surgery. Not all individuals can opt for laser eye surgery.
Pregnant women, people with diabetes, or with binocular vision problem,
dry eyes, thin corneas, or very large pupils are advised not to go for
corrective laser surgery for the eyes. Aside from complications, there
are also chances of side effects. It is often observed that a small
percentage of people actually have increased vision troubles after laser
eye surgery.
Skills and experience of an eye surgeon accounts for a large part of the
success of the surgical technique .A good surgeon certainly helps to make
laser eye surgery safer. PRK, LASIK, and CK are mainly three surgical
techniques that are used to correct the defects in the eye.
It is advisable for people to decide which technique is safe after
accumulating all required information about laser eye surgery. It becomes
very essential for individuals to research and investigate the best eye
surgeon. Before making any decisions about whether or not laser eye
surgery is safe for you, it is always advisable to see an
ophthalmologist. A detailed discussion of the pros and cons relating to
various techniques can be discussed. It becomes important to have all the
necessary details before opting for a particular type of laser eye
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