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									Non Surgical Tummy Tuck
For those who are considering having liposuction surgery done, it's good
to know there are alternatives. Non surgical tummy tuck procedures are
now available for those who want to avoid the swelling, bruising and
possible side effects of having liposuction surgery. A non surgical tummy
tuck can also be used after liposuction surgery, in order to get rid of
any stubborn fat left behind. This would save the patient from having to
undergo liposuction surgery a second time.
There are three non surgical tummy tuck procedures available. Below you
will find a quick glimpse at the different procedures.
Injection Lipolysis
As the name implies, the injection lipolysis procedure is done by
injection. By injecting a chemical solution of lecithin into the fatty
deposits, surgeons can actually melt the fat away. This procedure usually
requires the patient have 2-3 injections in order to get all of the fat
removed. This non surgical procedure can be used on the arms, legs,
jowls, abdomen, neck, sides and thighs.
However, this procedure is still in the testing stages, and hasn't been
approved by the FDA. From the testing that has taken place recently, this
procedure does show promise and seems to be very effective.
Ultrasonic Lipolysis
Ultrasonic lipolysis is done by injecting sterile water coupled with
anaesthetic into the problem area. Once this is done, you are treated to
an ultrasonic massage, which must be repeated 4 times within a week's
time. This procedure dissolves fat over time. Typically, patients will
have to undergo treatment for weeks in order to get the desired effect.
Titan/Tri-active Lasers
These lasers heat up collagen fibres, shortening them, which helps to
tighten up the skin as well. This treatment is probably the most popular
of them all. No injections or anaesthetic is required.
In some cases, one or more of these techniques will be used in
conjunction with one another. In order to better understand, and find out
which procedure is best for you, consulting your doctor should be your
first order of business.
Often non surgical tummy tucks and liposuction surgery can be avoided all
together by employing a healthy life style and a balanced diet plan.
However, in some cases, non surgical or surgical tummy tucks are
If you're considering having a non surgical tummy tuck, you should
consult your family doctor first. He or she will be able to refer you to
a qualified surgeon who deals with these procedures. Ask lots of
questions, and make sure you understand all of the risks involved before
undergoing the procedure.
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