Male Liposuction is Risky

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					Male Liposuction is Risky!
While liposuction is a cosmetic surgery traditionally associated with
women, male liposuction has grown in popularity. There is a growing trend
and belief that body image is an important factor when competing in the
employment market; and males are not immune. Men are turning more and
more to male liposuction to enhance the way they look and feel. To give
them an edge on their competition. Many may have good fitness routines
and nutrition yet still find it difficult to lose those extra pounds and
tone their abdominal muscles. It does not matter, male or female, if you
are over 40 you will struggle with some type of weight gain.
Abdominal male liposuction is the most common type of plastic surgery for
males. Let's face it. Most of us experience some type of body image
problem, and our abdominal muscles would be our worst problem area. An
expanding waistline is so
common we waste a lot of time working on it and are still not satisfied.
Liposuction gives instant benefits for minimal discomfort. Simply seeing
yourself in a mirror gives your self-esteem a boost. Excess weight around
your waist is thought to
contribute to heart disease, diabetes and liver problems so male
liposuction also has its health benefits.
The advantages of male liposuction are that it targets specific areas
such as the waist, breasts, chin and thighs. It is the fastest, least
invasive form of cosmetic surgery for men. It only requires day surgery
with the procedure completed in a couple of hours. You can see immediate
results which instantly boosts your confidence and sense of well-being.
The facial area has become a more popular target for male liposuction
with many opting to sculpt their chin and neck area to give them a
look and, ultimately, greater self-esteem. Male liposuction is also ideal
for removing fatty tissue that causes abnormal breast
enlargement in males. A hormonal imbalance can cause the unnatural
accumulation of fatty tissue in the breast and cause
body image problems. In some cases, liposuction can be effective in this
area and because it uses such tiny incisions, there is almost no
No matter what surgery you have there will always be an element of risk.
Male liposuction is completed in day surgery, the risks are low
throughout the procedure and recovery is quick. The only time you may
stay in hospital overnight is if you have had a long procedure with a lot
of fat withdrawn at any one time. The procedure is performed using a
small steel tube to suction the fat from your body. If you are having
large volumes of fatty tissue removed it takes a lot longer and there is
a higher risk of other organs being punctured. It is recommended that you
break the procedures down into several instead of having it all done at
once. This will maximize the results and reduce the risks.
Male liposuction costs more than the same procedure in women. The reasons
vary for this but the most common is that male body fat is more fibrous
and harder to remove. The waist and breast areas the most often targeted
areas yet are the most naturally fibrous, which prolongs the procedure
and creates greater potential for postoperative complications. If you are
thinking of having cosmetic surgery make sure you get all the facts
before going ahead. Do not just jump in without thinking things through
properly and you cosmetic surgery should be successful.
Before you consider male liposuction as the preferred solution to getting
rid of the excess fat, visit for
important updates and a word of... warning!

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