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									Lollipop Breast Lift - Recovery Period of Breast Lift
One of the most invasive breast lift incisions is considered to be the
lollipop incision. In the lollipop incision, the surgeon will start with
a donut style incision in which he or she will remove a donut shaped
piece of skin from around the areola. After the surgeon removes this
skin, he or she will then make an incision from this "donut" down the
underside of the breasts to about halfway between the areola and the
crease of the breasts. The resulting formation is what gives this
incision its namesake.
After the incisions are made, the surgeon will then use dissolving
sutures under the skin as a means to help support the breast and
underlying tissue while at the same time reducing the weight and pressure
that is placed on the incision while standing upright. After the surgeon
adds these disposable sutures, he or she will then pull the skin tight
and close up the incisions.
The final results are nothing less than amazing especially when compared
to the sagging that the breasts had undergone prior to the procedure.
Furthermore, during the recovery period, you will have a lollipop looking
scar on each of your breasts until enough time has passed that the skins
natural pigmentation returns and the scars fade away.
There is still a chance that the scars will be visible to the untrained
eye, but this is mostly due to your body's own anatomy. In the event that
the scar does not fade away by the end of the 12th month following the
lollipop breast lift, you may opt to go in to see a dermatologist to have
a laser resurfacing performed to take care of the scaring.
Unlike the other major incision types associated with a breast lift, the
lollipop breast lift incision is for the most extreme cases of sagging
and drooping of the breasts. Furthermore, due to the fact that it is the
only incision type that is not limited to the circumference of the
areola, there is also a greater chance of forming visible scars along the
vertical incision. The incision which circumfrat es the areola will most
likely never really be visible due to the contrast of colors between the
areola and the surrounding breast skin.
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