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									How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks
Learning how to get rid of stretch marks isn't that hard.
From what I have found, you can't get rid of stretch marks 100%. The
reason is that the skin has already been damaged and it can't be repaired
to it's original state. Imagine a person who may be bald. That person may
have been bald for a while. Whatever damage to the hair follicles that
has happened, can't be repaired. Well, the same is true with stretched
skin. If the skin is damaged, it's damaged.
But the good news is you do have options that can help improve the
appearance, making it look normal.
Laser Surgery and/or Cosmetic Surgery, are 2 options. Again, you make not
be able to achieve 100% replacement of the damaged skin area but if
you're looking for quick results both could be an option. In both cases
you will want to consult with doctor before making your decision. Both
surgeries will be one of the most expensive ways to treat Stretch Marks.
With Laser, you may have to get more than one application. With Cosmetic
Surgery the "Tummy Tuck" is an option. They will stretch the skin below
the navel to the lower abdomen area. (It's quick and a little painful)
Cosmetic Creams to rub in the area. Here you want to read the labels of
the cream you're applying. You should be careful of anything with
steroidal and hormonal ingredients. There are some good creams out there.
The more natural the better and you need to have certain vitamins in the
cream. Your skin is an organ and it needs vitamins to regroup. The
vitamin that are best for your skin are Vitamin A, C, E and Zinc.
Something interesting is you can find these vitamin naturally in certain
fruits and vegetables.
Interesting home made remedies can also be helpful in lessing the
appearance of stretch marks. There are many of them available and the
most important thing is patience when using the home remedies and
cosmetic creams. You will probably need to apply the cream twice a day
and it could take a while before you begin seeing results. (Results will
also vary from person to person in all cases.)
The main thing in this article is to be careful with the any procedure
you decide upon. They all have pros can cons. The surgeries can be less
time consuming and also a little painful but the results will be faster.
Especially with the cosmetic surgery.
With Cosmetic Creams you need to look out for the steroid or hormonal
ingredients that may be included. Anything that has these ingredients can
be harmful.
Vitamin E and C are helpful in improving the appearance of stretch marks.
It's always better to have this in its most original form. Remember the
vitamin capsules that I mentioned earlier. This is a great quick and easy
way to treat your stretch marks.
The peels from citrus can be applied to the area and will also help to
strengthen the skin.
If you do decide on a remedy other than surgery, be patient and
persistent. The results will come and they will vary from person to
Here's a home remedy I found that involves coffee and coconut oil...
Take 4 teaspoons of coffee mixed with 1 cup of coconut oil. Brew the
coffee as usual. Add the brewed coffee to the coconut oil. Bring the
mixture to a boil. Remove it from the heat and let it cool down, then rub
it onto your stretch mark area every night.
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