Breast Lift - Risks and Benefits of Breast Lift

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					Breast Lift - Risks and Benefits of Breast Lift
Nothing good ever comes without a risk. You can pretty much say this
about anything- job, marriage, kids and even self-improvement. You want
to make some changes in your appearance that will boost your confidence
and self-esteem. To start with, you've decided to get a breast lift and
correct the sag that comes with age and gravity. You are so excited about
the new you you envision and how your breasts will be perkier and back
where they belong. You may even go so far as to get implants too. But,
before you go under the knife for your breast lift, it is important to
understand the risks as well as the benefits to the procedure. Arming
yourself with complete knowledge gives you the power to prevent any
complications and hence allows you to enjoy the outcome.
Breast lift risks:
- Numbness - Temporary numbness of the breast and nipple is common and
expected, but sometimes it can be permanent. It is rare, but still a
- Asymmetry - Minor shape and placement of the breast may differ. Because
the nipple is repositioned, it may also be slightly askew of the other
- Scarring- Typically, the incisions heal with minimal scarring, but it
is possible for them to heal incorrectly. Keloid and hypertrophic scars
may develop and they are quite visible. Infection and hematomas are some
of the causes for this type of scarring.
- Hematomas- Blood can pool at the incision site and become very painful.
In the most severe cases, a hematoma can actually cause the skin tissue
to die.
- Infections- This is always a risk with surgery. The best defense is to
make sure the facility is clean and up to standards. Also, do your part
to keep the incision site clean and protected as it heals.
- Anesthesia-related problems- This is a risk with any surgery. Allergic
reactions to the anesthesia can make you sick and even cause death. A
thorough physical check up will help determine if you are fit for
- Breast-feeding problems- This is rare, but it is possible for the milk
ducts to be damaged during the procedure. Again, this is a rare
Breast lift benefits:
- Aesthetics- Pregnancy, weight loss and aging are the main culprits for
dragging the breasts down to the knees. A lift pulls them up and that
makes a lot of difference.
- Invigorates- You recapture some of your youth after the procedure
because they are back where they were twenty years ago. The droopiness
makes you feel droopy and old. Lift them up and you've taken years off of
your age.
- Confidence-boosting- You will love yourself naked (and so with that
special someone!). You will also be able to wear clothes that you never
would have before. Your bra and shirts fit better and you're not afraid
to pick out a tight sexy little top to show off your youthful look.
It is up to you to decide if the benefits outweigh the risks. Most of the
complications that can arise can be treated with additional surgery or
with other procedures. Others are simply rare occurrences, but still need
to be mentioned. One way to reduce the risks is to hire the right
surgeon. Make sure he is a board certified plastic surgeon and find out
how much experience he has with this procedure. Knowing what to expect
and having an experienced surgeon are both key to getting the results you
want with very little risk.
All cosmetic surgeries involve certain amount of risk. Before taking a
decision it's important to weigh the pros and cons. San Francisco breast
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