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									Breast Implant Size - Not Too Big, Not Too Small
The most important part of any surgery, cosmetic or otherwise, is
researching of the surgeon who will do the surgery. When considering
breast augmentation, you want a cosmetic plastic surgeon who specializes
in breast augmentation. He should be certified by the American Society of
Plastic Surgeons as well as trained by Allergan or Mentor, who are the
manufacturers of today's implants.
When you are considering getting breast augmentation it's hard to know
what size is "right" for you. Breast implants are not sized the same way
bra's are and for good reason. We have all seen how a 36C by one
manufacturer is a 34B by another. The makers of breast implants size are
based on cc's (cubic centimeters), which is how much saline or silicone
in contained within the implant.
That doesn't mean you can't use the bra size when talking to your plastic
surgeon, it just means you shouldn't be surprised if the doctor refers to
the cc size. Before you meet with your surgeon for the first time, you
may want to look for pictures of women who are of the same general size
and shape of your body with breasts of the size you think you would like.
A visual image is helpful in imagining what size is right for you.
Perhaps you have friends who have already had breast augmentation done
and you like the look... ask them of how many ccs their implants are and
if they are saline or silicone. You might also ask them who they used for
a plastic surgeon and what the surgeon's qualifications were.
When trying to decide about the right size there are a couple of
different things to try to "see how they feel". The first idea is called
the rice experiment. What you do is, buy an inexpensive bra(s) of the
size you think you want, then by filling a pouch with the rice
(measurements below) you can place the pouch in the bra and then feel how
larger breasts are. Rice is the most popular filling for this test
because it adds additional weight as the breast implants do. Oatmeal and
potato flakes are other fillings used but are lighter in weight and
possibly won't give the same feel.
* 1 cup = 236 cc

* ½ cup = 118 cc

* ¼ cup = 59 cc
Breast implants run from 125cc to the largest legal size of 1200 cc. With
the measurements above you can mix and match to get that "right" one for
yourself. You can place the filling in an old knee high stocking which
would make it more comfortable to wear during your tests.
By taking notes on how much filling you are using with the bra's, you
would know what you like. You might want to wear these test breasts
around the house and under your regular clothes, just to see how they
Remember when considering your new breast size, that your skin will need
to be stretched over the implant. This is one of the factors your surgeon
will take into consideration when making his recommendations during your
consultation. On the other hand, most breast revisions are for larger
implants so you don't want to go too small.
If you don't want to try the rice experiment, there are professional
sizing kits available to purchase of around $50. They have bra with
special pockets to insert their implants in to give you an idea of
sizing. The other DIY option is the one women have used for generations
that involves using socks to fill the bra. This isn't a very exact
approach although you could bring in the number of socks you used and
give them to the doctor.
There is no absolute right way to make the decision on what size is right
or wrong for you. All of these suggestions are temporary in nature and
just like Goldilocks; you can try all of them to help you find just the
right size.
Getting the right breast implant sizes is a challenge for you as well as
the surgeon. The correct implants give you a good figure and raise your
self-esteem. Visit to get information on
breast implant sizing to make this important decision.

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