Ivan by bevgoldsworthy


									How the earth was made. By Ivan.

The earth was created by god. He took six days to make the earth and on the seventh day
he rested. First he made all of the planets then on earth he put water and plants on. On the
third day he made the sky and clouds. On the fifth day he made all sorts of animals and
weird creatures. Then on the sixth day he made men and on the seventh day he rested
from all of the wonderful work that he did.

 The earth and all of the other planets evolve around the sun. We have a protected layer
around the earth that stops the suns heat from killing us and burning our planet. With all
of the gasses and thing that protective layer is beginning to get some very big holes.

The earth is made up of 4 layers. The first layer is the out side layer then there is a middle
layer witch is the thickest. Then there is another layer rite before we get to the last layer
which is just lava.

There is eight planets in our solar system and the biggest is Jupiter. The smallest planet is
Mars the only planet we no of that has any life on it is earth.

There is a rime that will help you remember all of the planets in order.
My, mars
Very, Venus
Eager, earth
Monkey, mars
Sat, Saturn
Upon, Uranus
Nine, Neptune
Planest, Pluto.
That little rime will help you to remember all of the planets and it is a very easy rime to

The closest planet to the sun is mercury. The furthest planet to the sun is Pluto and it is
also very, very cold. Earth is the third closest planet to the sun. all of the eight planets are
in a line of each other.

On the earth there are a lot of volcanos. These big small and dangers volcanoes are
formed by lave. The lava pushes up and the earth makes a mountain. If the earth is to thin
at the top it will burst open and become a volcano and that is when it erupts!!!!!

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