Practical Secrets to Network Marketing by primusboy


									Practical Secrets to Network Marketing
1) The majority of people you sponsor will not be disciplined enough to
see the opportunity through. Expect about 20% at most to make most of the
opportunity. Yet alot of these individuals don't mind working for other
people for 10, 15 or or even 25 years with nothing in return at the end
of their career except a thank you (well may be a gold watch, flowers, a
party or a t-shirt). Most companies have retired the pension plans.
Government retirement and insurance programs most likely will be
2) It's about the PRODUCT and HELPING people! Distributors or Independent
Business Owners (IBO's) come and go but a satisfied customer is usually
for life. Don't get caught up in the recruitment hype and forget about
building a customer base that will buy for you over and over again.
Remember you have a two-fold business in network marketing. The first is
the business opportunity seeker. The one who wants to develop his own
business and probably do this full time. The second is the product seeker
or customer who will want to purchase your product line. Know your
products well. Remember big pharmaceutical (drug) companies detail
customers (doctors, hospitals, etc.) about the positive aspects of their
product repeatedly. Is the product line of your current network marketing
or multi-level marketing (MLM) business diverse? Is your company a One
Product Wonder?
3) You rarely can be very successful in network marketing without
advertising. Some means of advertising are Google Ad Words, press
releases, pre-approved ads in Hot Jobs, local newspapers, national
publications, and affiliate programs.
4) You need your own website, not just the network marketing website.
Why? Because you need to develop multiple income streams. Your network
marketing opportunity should be only one aspect of your enterprise. Your
enterprise is you. You should be the octopus and the tentacles are your
multiple income streams (via multiple businesses). Don't put your eggs
into one basket. Remember, I am a physician but I do many things (Health
and Wellness Speaking, Motivational Speaking, Practice Medicine, and have
my money work for me by investing in real estate and other ventures).
Residual or Passive Income is King! If you go on vacation, are you still
making money? Do the contacts in one business or product opportunity
become a contact for other business or product opportunities?
5) The fortune is in obtaining motivated leads and developing that list
of leads. In my book, I will show you how to obtain leads in a less
painful manner rather than bugging your co-workers, church members, and
family about the business opportunity or product opportunity.
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Orville Campbell, MD is an internist and nephrologist. He is board
certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. His expertise
include: health and wellness, hypertension, diabetes, vitamin D, and
kidney diseases. Dr. Campbell is an entrepreneur. He has owned several
businesses and medical practices since finishing Emory University in
1995. He serves on multiple medical advisory boards for several multi-
million dollar companies. Dr. Campbell is currently pursuing an MBA
degree. He gives back to the community through his church's health and
youth ministries and his children and youth mentoring organization called
Teaching Kids to Dream, Inc. (My Blog)

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