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					Network Marketing Leads - MLM Leads - Lead Generation
As a network marketer, many of us were brought into a company because we
were somehow attracted to our sponsor, to the company, to the product, or
a combination of these things. We were often provided with a replicated
website and company specific training calls. Most of the training offered
by various companies is similar. We are taught to approach our "warm
market" which consists of family and friends. Thankfully, this is
becoming outdated. We are left with several issues to overcome, if we are
to become successful.
The internet has opened up a whole new era in network marketing. We are
no longer limited to our "warm market" as a lead source. The internet has
given us an amazing tool to generate an unlimited supply of business
leads. Network marketers who purchase their own domain name and build
their own website tend to have far better success than those who simply
attempt to promote their company site. The reason is simple; search
engines, for the most part, ignore replicated sites. You have no control
over the meta and title tags, and most often there aren't any. There are
some good products out there for the network marketer with limited
technical abilities, and good training for those who wish to learn.
The network marketer who makes it his business to learn the craft of
internet marketing has the greatest chance of real success. The bottom
line in internet marketing is lead generation. That is what every
internet marketer is attempting to do - generate leads, thereby
generating sales and recruiting new business partners.
We have all heard the statistic that 95% of the people attempting to
market online is failing. If one were to uncover statistics for success
in life period, the same stat would hold true. It is 5% of the population
that is truly wealthy. Network marketing is seen by many as a means to
become one of the 95%. Developing a steady source of leads for your
business is key to realizing that end.
In my next article I am going to discuss the first ingredient to becoming
successful as an internet marketer. That ingredient is developing the
most critical aspect of your business - YOU.
Karen Weir is an internet marketing mentor.
Affiliated with Mentors In Motion and a Certified Veretekk trainer, she
is able to offer coaching and training in all facets of internet
Governed by the principle of "No Networker Left Behind", and inspired by
The Law of Attraction, this is a mentor who is dedicated to the success
of her team.