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									Sample App not working

       Chandan Kumar 2 posts since
Nov 9, 2009
I am new to PayPal App development.

I am trying to run the sample JSP Apps but am getting this message not matter which
Sample I run:

Some problem encountered.

Error Message:                                 HTTP transport error:
                                               Connection refused
Please check your input parameters. Perhaps session object is lost. Try it again with
correct values

This is what I did:

1. I downloaded the PayPal_Platform_Java_SDK

2. Copied paypal_platform.war to <TOMCAT_HOME>/webapps dir

3. Copied to <TOMCAT_HOME>/bin/conf directory

4. I edited the to change these properties:


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Sample App not working

5. Started tomcat server, can see in the Tomcat Admin Manager console that the app
"paypal_platform" is depoyed.

6. I go to URL http://localhost:8080/paypal_platform/samples/

7. Click on link "Preapproval"

8. On PreApproval page I click on "Developer Central" to get logged to Sandbox

7. I then change the "Sender's Email:" to and hit "Submit" button

I get the error message that I have posted.

Please help me figure out what I am I doing wrong?

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         ezimerchant 406 posts since
Nov 6, 2009 1. Re: Sample App not working Nov 22, 2009 2:13 PM

At a guess I would say there is something stopping your java application communicating with
PayPal's servers.

Do you have a firewall turned on limiting outbound traffic?

Are you using the sandbox or production?

For adaptive payments api the end points are described here:

Environment      Server


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Sample App not working


Can you access these servers from your server? If you can then it is likely an application
level firewall that is stopping your Java program from communicating.

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