Marketing Strategies For Network Marketers by primusboy


									Marketing Strategies For Network Marketers
How is attraction marketing different from your traditional network
marketing techniques?
Attraction marketing thrives on a few very simple principles and goals:
sales by leading rather than selling, building lasting relationships, and
guaranteeing return business from your customers. Using these concepts,
you can make attraction marketing work for you, to succeed at owning an
online business and generating a substantial income.
By pre-selling your customers to your products and/or services,
attraction marketing allows you to be a gentler salesperson, often not
even requiring you to do any selling at all. This type of business
focuses on creating relationships first, and letting the service or
product sell itself. By appearing confident and assured in your business,
you can convince your customers that they are paying for something
wonderful, without even working up a sales pitch.
Too many companies focus on cramming information down the customer's
throat and swarming them with specials, systems, and deals on a "great
opportunity." No matter how great the opportunity, if you don't feel
trusting or confident of someone, why would you invest in whatever
they're selling? Attraction marketing uses this information to provide a
smoother transaction for everyone involved. By having 24/7 visibility of
your advertising, your company can sell itself, while you focus on
befriending your clients and getting them to believe in you and your
Once you have someone's trust, the product or service doesn't even need
to be sold. The customer, instead, is led to want to invest in your
business because of the faith they have in what you're offering. If you
take the other road, and appear desperate and needy to your customers,
they're likely to be turned off immediately. No one wants a sales pitch
thrown in their face over and over (and over) again. If you want to drive
customers away, go ahead and pitch your product.
If you want to create new business, generate sales, and cultivate lasting
relationships, use attraction marketing to your benefit. Let the business
sell itself, and take the time to get to know any and all prospective
customers. Don't talk about business; they've probably already heard ten
pitches similar to yours just this week. Instead, talk to them like a
friend, and create lasting relationships and return customers. There are
many strategies of attraction marketing that can make you very successful
without hard selling, but the first rule of attraction marketing is to
lead customers to your product, not drag them in kicking and screaming.

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