Become a Home Based Travel Agent - Network Marketing Travel Agents May Earn Higher Incomes

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					Become a Home Based Travel Agent - Network Marketing Travel Agents May
Earn Higher Incomes
As more and more people are turning to owning their own home based
business for supplemental and full time income, there are also more and
more people looking to becoming a home based travel agent. Many people
assume that there is not much money to be made, and that the travel
industry is declining. This is not true. Even though the rate of
financial growth in travel has slowed -- the financial earnings and the
overall money spent on travel continues to increase year after year.
There is still money to be made in being a travel agent -- especially if
the agent specializes in a certain niche, such as specializing in group
vacation packages and in group cruises.
If a person wants to train at home to become a home based travel agent --
they may wish to consider becoming certified through a training programs
that teaches both the travel service business and the network marketing
business. These travel agent training programs provide full company
support and team support by other independent home based agents. Another
reason a network marketing affiliation is beneficial to the travel agent
is because this type of program provides the agent with various non-
traditional avenues to earning a very high level of residual income. The
network marketing certification program teaches the new agent how to
become a fully certified IATA recognized agent. In addition, the program
also teaches the agent how to market "exclusive travel memberships" to
clients and individuals. The sale of these memberships then provide the
agent with a steady, recurring and growing residual income base. The
network marketing program also financially rewards their home based
agents who refer others to the agent training program. When an agent
recruits another new agent to the training program, an upfront commission
is earned, and a residual override commission is also earned. The
residual override commission is earned month after month on the set up of
the new agent's home based travel agency.
The network marketing travel agent certification program is a fairly new
approach to training to become a travel agent. However, an individual can
become a fully certified agents and also receive all the tools needed to
set up their agency. One of the tools provided is an exclusive booking
portal so that the agent can earn 70%-90% of the travel commissions
earned that are booked from the agent's home office. Full professional
training and ongoing career development training is also provided to the
travel agent networker -- at no additional cost. The on-going training
consists of instruction on how to build a successful and income producing
home based travel business. Trainings are held on how to approach groups
and businesses to propose group trips or incentive trips. Trainings are
also held on how to specialize in a niche area of travel, such as how to
specialize in luxury cruises. All of these trainings are done through
live teleconference, so the home based agent may access the trainings
from their own home during convenient evening hours. Furthermore, the
travel agent networker also is placed on a team of other home based
travel agent networkers-- so the new agent is always supported by an
upline mentor who desires to help the new agent become profitable in
their travel business as soon as possible.
When a travel agent becomes certified through a program offering the two
combined business models (the network marketing plan and the certified
travel agent plan), the agent is then positioned to potentially earn
$100,000 a year or more in not just one way, but in three ways --
(1) through earning commissions on travel booked for clients,
(2) through earning residual income on the sell of exclusive, deep-
discount travel memberships (these membership provide monthly destination
trips for members at as much as 80% off the lowest internet rates) and
(3) through residual override commissions on the travel business
completed by other travel agencies in the agent's referral network.
In conclusion -- to anyone considering becoming a home based travel
agent, I highly recommend that you consider becoming certified and
opening your agency through a program that truly provides you with the
training and the tools you need to
(1) receive your certification, and
(2) actually realize an amazing and steady income that may even put you
in retirement many years early -- so you can then enjoy the freedom and
attain the resources needed to have even more travel and vacation
experiences for yourself!
Sherry Pevey is a successful online network marketer and and independent
agent with Traverus Travel. To learn more about how to become a
successful certified home based travel agent with an income potential of
$100-$200,000 a year, visit her Traverus Travel Team Site

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