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									A Home Based Network Marketing Business For Fun And Profit
Here's a question.
Why should you bother to start your own home based network marketing
Would you believe me if I told you that I would want to start my own
network marketing business because it is fun way to make a living?
Maybe you want to be like those people you have heard about who are
already in network marketing and are making the kind of money you have
only dreamed about. Fun's okay, but you want to make money, right?
Sure, you've heard those claims and wonder if it is true.
Well, I am one of those people, and I am here to tell you that it does
happen. There are a few things you should know about this field, however
before you jump in with both feet.
If you are willing to do the WORK involved, it is possible to make a good
deal of money in network marketing. At the start of this little essay I
used the term home based network marketing business. What a lot of people
who sign on the dotted line with some network marketing company forget is
that last word...business.
Where there is a business, there is work, whether the business is home
based, a franchise, or a traditional store front. Too many people see
only the part about earning lots of money and forget the fact that
somebody has to do the work. If it is their business, they have to go to
their job regularly. Even worse, they are now the boss AND the employee.
The good news is that once you get your home based business established,
you can see good paychecks rolling in month after month. Not only that,
since most network marketing ventures are also multi-level marketing
(MLM) companies, many people push their business until it reaches what I
and a few others call the tip-over point. This is the point at which the
business seems to take on a life of its own and does a lot of growing
simply as a result of the size it has grown to, and the momentum it has
gained from your efforts and those of your downline.
Let's go back to the term "home based" for a moment. There are some
positives and some negatives here.
First of all, most people trying to start a home based business already
have a job and other responsibilities that they must tend to daily. This
means that the time available to grow their business is going to be
limited. Therefore, even with the best product, best promotions, and most
skillful management, growth is going to be slow. This is discouraging to
many people, and, in fact, is a major reason many people drop out of home
business ownership.
If time is at a premium, so is money in most cases. If you buy into a
home based business and can afford to buy billboards along major traffic
routes across the country, full page ads in major magazines, or the
services of a full-scale promotional agency, you have a great chance of
doing well. If, however, you can only afford a few business cards and a
couple of ads in the local newspaper, things are going to be slow.
Then, there is the learning curve, particularly in a network marketing
business. Most people know little about sales and are very hesitant to
try to "sell" things. They often lack the confidence to even let people
know that they are involved with a network marketing business.
If you DO have a job, you probably need to hold on to it to keep income
coming in and perhaps to hold on to benefits. If you open a store
somewhere, you will probably have to commit yourself to that store and
might not be able to hang on to your job. With a home based network
marketing business, however, you will be able to start part time, work
around your schedule, and hang on to your job for the income and benefits
(and don't forget the networking opportunities) while you grow your new
You can usually start a home based business for a lot less money than a
traditional brick and mortar business or a franchise. This makes it
easier for the "ordinary person" to get one started. The network
marketing model allows for low cost "advertising" if done properly. Just
to give you one example, I am a member of a website called meetups.com.
One or two times a week I get together with other members interested in
the same things I am and invariably wind up presenting my product or
business opportunity to others attending. Quite often, I find that
someone I have spoken to has referred me to someone else.
The downside of not putting a whole lot of money into your home based
business is that it is easier to call it quits. One of the major factors
for success in a home based network marketing business is the willingness
to stick with it. Too many people are actually on their way to success
when they pull out simply because it is easier to do that than to stay
with it. If they DID have large sums tied up in a store or franchise at
least that might be an incentive to stay the course.
In a home based network marketing business, there is a learning curve,
just as in every new job you started. Remember those first few days when
you didn't even know where to stand to get out of everybody's way? Did
you ever tell a customer something and later find out that you had said
exactly the wrong thing? Have you ever stood there with a totally blank
mind when a client wanted answers? Have you ever gone home at night and
spent the evening thinking about all the screw-ups you made during the
day. Did the boss ever chew you out for doing something wrong? Have you
ever gotten ready to go in to work, filled with dread that you were going
to catch it for yesterday's goof...or even worse, get the axe?
As the boss and the employee of your own home based business, you will
make plenty of mistakes. Trust me on that one! However, as the boss, you
can be forgiving, and as the employee you can learn without fear. If you
mess up today's presentation, you can make a better one tomorrow. If you
forget the facts and figures today, you can study them tonight. Tomorrow
is a new day, and the boss is only going to be as hard on you as you are
on yourself!
If you are network marketing properly, then you will often be talking to
someone you know and like, and who knows and likes you. In someone else's
business, a slip-up with a client or potential client can be
professionally fatal. In a network marketing environment it is something
that can possibly be laughed at WITH the person you are talking to! Just
recently during a presentation to a group of acquaintances, I got my
tongue tangled up beautifully. I made a joke, we all had a laugh, and I
finished my presentation and then fielded several questions from
interested parties who weren't the least bit put off by my momentary faux
If selling terrifies you, then a home based network marketing business is
perfect! The true secret in network marketing is the networking. If you
have a good product or service, there will be people interested in it,
and, if they feel comfortable about you, they will be asking YOU to
PLEASE tell them about it. If people see YOU making money with your
business, some of them will be interested in getting involved.
If you want to start a home based network marketing business just to make
money, go right ahead. With the right motivation and work ethic you can
do well. You will be missing out on the fun of meeting new people, going
places, doing things you've never done before if your only motivation is
money and your method is direct selling.
However, if you learn to network with a wide range of people, making new
friends, helping people solve problems, giving back to your community,
and living life to the fullest, you can experience the real thrill of
network marketing at its best.
Donovan Baldwin is a Dallas area writer. A graduate of the University Of
West Florida (1973) with a BA in accounting, he is a member of Mensa and
has held several managerial positions. After retiring from the U. S. Army
in 1995, he became interested in internet marketing and developed various
online businesses. He has been writing poetry, articles, and essays for
over 40 years, and now frequently publishes articles on his own websites
and for use by other webmasters. His network marketing business is
provides low cost health benefits to individuals and both traditional and
nontraditional family groups. He is actively seeking those interested in
starting their own home business. He also has a blog where he posts
articles on home based internet businesses and related subjects.

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