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									Search Engine Optimization 101
Search marketing is widely recognized as a highly effective way of
reaching customers online. The word Search Engine Optimization is a
technical term used to describe online marketing through search engines.
It is the process of analyzing and developing a site to enable search
engines to read, comprehend, and index it correctly. If the content of
your website is ignored by the search engines then the search engines can
not index your site. What does this mean to you? If your site isn't
indexed then no one will find your site by searching for it in any major
search engine such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, etc. The consequence is
that your website will experience less traffic resulting in less profit
for your business.
How does it work?
The content that search engines looks at can be described as any words,
information, or photos that are placed on a website to create a general
topic. That is, simply put: all information included on any given site.
The content then goes on to provide a base from which "keywords" can be
pulled. Keywords are the most specific words derived from the real
purpose or content of your website. Keywords contain the composite
meaning or definition of what your website is really all about.What can
we do to improve your ranking?
Analyze to identify the best-suited keywords for your business.
Optimization of the internal link structure.
Optimization of Meta content.
Deep submission strategies to ensure inner pages are indexed.
Systematic hand submissions to major search engines.
Reciprocal linking to increase link popularity.
Re-submissions to keep you at the top.
Re-optimization and tweaking to enhance positions.In conclusion search
engine optimization is just one way to improve your marketability to
millions of consumers. The main purpose of search engine optimization is
to increase the quantity and quality of traffic that circulates through
your website. The bottom line is the more traffic through your website
the more probability that you are going to reach consumers interested in
your industry or products.
By Justin Moreira - 123Triad Web Design
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