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No Testimonials


									No Testimonials, What Can You Do
Testimonials are the best way to bring creditability to any venture you
plan to promote but what if you are new or even experienced with no
testimonials? No Problem! I will share with you 5 ways in which to boost
(1) Use Product Association With Your Product
Cite popular advertising along side your product, whether television or
print media this can link your product effectively. (2) Use The Power Of
Show well-known or famous people using or associating with your product.
Example: People magazine showed a picture of former President Bill
Clinton talking on a ATT phone, that just happen to be the phone you're
selling. (3) Join Trade Associations
An Association can bring instant creditability with the power of group
success And experience. Example: We have sold over 1 million
products,collectely of course. (4) Use Pictures
Ever heard of the term a picture is worth a thousand words, well pictures
of Your product in action can paint a powerful pictur e. Picuture the bill
board of a teenager drinking a Coke from your recycled plastic product.
(5) Link Popularity with limited supply
Popularity can go hand in hand with scarcity thus creating value. For
example:Only 25 products available for this one of a kind product.
The emotional connections that are build from associations will propel
your product or venue to new heights unmatched by other competitors.
These rarely used techniques are just the tip of the iceberg, Iam sure
you could add more.
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