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					Link Building, One Of The Best Ways To Achieve Top 10 Placement
In any website promotion campaign, link building is an essential part,
not just for attracting visitors, but for increasing your search engine
rankings. However, you don't just want any links. You want quality links.
The best links are one-way links from recognized authority, well
established sites and sites with content directly related to the content
of your site. The older the links are; the better. You will need to give
it some time to see real results from your link building efforts. Also,
do your link building slowly and steadily over time, not all at once.
Here are some excellent ways to increase your links:
Directory Submissions
Directory submissions are an excellent way to build your links. Smaller,
general directories offer one way links that are usually free and
permanent. You should also submit to, which provides results to
Google's web directory and thousands of other websites and search engines
all over the net. Also, consider paying for listing on the biggest
directories and specialty directories that pertain to your content. Some
paid directories to consider include Yahoo Directory,,
GoGuides, Best of The Web and the Microsoft Small Business directory. The
fees range from $40 to hundreds of dollars per year, however, these major
directories can also be a good source of traffic, depending on the
category your site is listed in, as well as provide an excellent one way
link for link building.
Content Distribution
Content distribution can mean many things, like offering free ebooks,
videos, downloads etc. but one of the main ways to offer free content to
other webmasters is through article writing. You write an article on a
topic related to the content of your website and then distribute it to
article directories. Your article will then be made available to millions
of publishers, including website owners, bloggers, e-zine owners and
offline publishers looking for content. When they publish your article,
they must include a link to your website and your author bio. You can
potentially get hundreds or thousands of free, one-way links from just
one syndicated article.
Press Release
You can write a press release announcing your website or something about
your website, then announce it via PRWeb. This can result in publicity
and one-way links to your website from many types of media.
Forum Posting
Find forums and message boards around the net that are related to your
content. If you have a site that sells cat collars, you'll want to find a
forum where cat owners chat and discuss their cats. Join and then add
your URL to your forum signature. Contribute to the discussion and abide
by the forum rules, and you'll get some targeted traffic and one-way
Link Exchanges
Link exchanges with high quality, directly related sites can also be
effective for link building purposes. Find potential link exchange
partners by searching Google for one of your keyword phrases. Don't
exchange links with link farms or sites that have huge directories of
reciprocal links. You want a quality link exchange partner, so be choosy
with which sites you exchange links with.
These are some of the most popular and effective ways to build links, but
there are dozens of other methods. Link building is simply essential for
bringing traffic to your site and achieving top 10 rankings for your
desired keyword phrases.
Frank Stoczko Jr. writes for goSEOpro (, an
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