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Article Marketing Join The Content Revolution


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									Article Marketing: Join The Content Revolution
Do people actually read the text on your site? What is the use of having
articles on your site anyways? How exactly does article marketing
'market' your site?
The internet is a big portal where people come to look for information.
If you have no information, viewers will leave your site for a better
one. When optimizing your site, remember that your website is not the
only fish in the lake. There are sharks in there and promoting your site
through article marketing is not a bad idea.
So, should you provide content or just dump tons of keywords out there?
The answer is 'yes' and 'no'. You should provide great content that uses
your keywords efficiently. Keywords are another aspect of promoting your
site and it leads the reader to your content.
Once again, if your website is selling tomatoes, you will want to tell
the potential buyer about tomatoes and keep him/her interested. You will
also want to tell the search engines to direct any tomato seeker to your
site by using this 'tomato' keyword more than a couple of times,
including your Meta keywords and description; if possible, also as the
title of your article.
Not only does article marketing increase your page rank, using links
(relevantly) through your article will also increase your link
popularity. If you are an affiliate of other websites, this will be the
great time to include useful money making links into your article.
Although be sure to review the author guidelines prior to submitting to
an article directory, as some do not allow the use of affiliate links.
Article marketing can also serve as a basis for your PPC/CPM ads. Certain
ads use certain keywords, and articles contain words that can draw
traffic and revenue to your site: utilize it. Article marketing extends
beyond just writing the articles, you also want people to read these
articles and develop an interest in your product.
Now that you have created/bought articles that relate to your website,
are keyword optimized, and are informational, you can place it on your
site and then submit it to several of the top article directories.
Placing relevant content with your links on other relative website are
great article marketing techniques that can earn you page views. The best
way to approach another web site owner is to ask if they would be
interested in an article swap, this way both sites will benefit from the
one way back link.
Remember that your articles should be authentic and original. Do not
collect articles from free article directories, as those articles have
been used over and over again and will damage the link popularity of your
website. Instead, write articles yourself, exchange articles, hire a
hand, or buy original articles.

Jeffrey Greer owner of Ever Enterprise, providing marketing solutions and
information to assist online businesses. Article Marketing is only one
aspect to gaining your online presence. Visit Ever Enterprise today for
more ways on gaining the marketing edge on your competition.

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