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Retirement, for some, is the time when you can do all the things you
wanted to but couldn't while you were still working. You know how our
jobs take most of our time. To some, unfortunately, it is the time when
they would feel no longer active. However one feels about retirement,
always look forward to its coming as this is the time to pursue other
interests to feel functional again.
Nevertheless, when someone retires, most people would consider it a very
special occasion as it's like the culmination of a career. It is very
difficult to express how they really feel inside much more what to say;
most especially since retirement speeches are given at a party. If you
are to make a retirement speech, it will probably take you time to think
what to say, right? If you might need a little help making one, you can
find several free retirement speeches on the internet. To make those free
retirement speeches sounds like you made them, you just have to fill some
blanks. To give you a clearer idea of what free retirement speeches look
like, read on this one.
Present Date

Address the group (Members of the Board, Colleagues, Friends, Family...)

Thank you for this great (party, dinner, luncheon...)

I have (been appreciated, been honored, learned so much, grow so much,
been challenged…) while I have been with this organization.
I have come to think of you as (close friends, great associates…)

We have been through many (challenges, ups and downs, Christmas parties…)
together and these have made us (closer, stronger, survivors…)
I remember when (our big merger happened, success…) and how we all
(worked it out, fell apart, laugh till we ached…)
When I look back on my time with this organization it is with (a great
fondness, full of happy memories...)
Thank you to each of you for making my time here (so rewarding,
worthwhile, fun…)

I am taking up (golfing, bowling...) in my retirement to have something
to keep me always active and fit.
I wish all of you to have (wonderful challenges and successes, happy
The many free retirement speeches you can possibly find online can be
modified according to your liking. Just remember that retirement speeches
don’t have to be very emotional. You can even make your speeches humorous
to keep the audience from flooding with tears. If it helps, think of your
retirement as part of your life that requires no appointments, pressure-
practically free from headaches! Keeping it light and a little funny will
make the whole occasion, party, or however you celebrate your retirement
a celebration your team, colleagues, or co-workers will last remember
you- someone who has taken off the burden of work and leaving to a happy
and leisure life waiting. is a complete ing retirement center
designed for both novices and experts. It is a place to share the latest
retirement plan strategies, tips and techniques for the long term
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