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Home Based (DOC)


									Home Based, Small Medium Business
A vital part of the U. S. economy, creating 80% of its jobs and
accounting for nearly 40% of its private sales are the small medium
business. They consists of farmers, start up companies in high technology
or micro-business entrepreneurs.
There are approximately 24 million small businesses in the U.S. And 6 out
of 10 of the industries adding new jobs are small business dominated
industries. Small firms hire a larger proportion of employees who are
younger workers, older workers, women, or workers who prefer to work
part-time. Small medium businesses also provide 67 percent of workers
with their first jobs and initial on-the-job training in basic skills.
Developing small home-based businesses is particularly important to rural
communities. Because of the limited availability of skilled labor, the
development of large scale firms is prevented. Rural communities that
promote new and innovative small enterprises can stimulate new employment
opportunities and expand the local tax base, often contributing to each
citizen's quality of life. Also, when you're at home your business will
comprise whether you sell a product or you can sell a service. If you
want to sell a service, look within. What are your skills? Are you
proficient with a word processor? If so, you can consider selling your
word processing skills. Remember, proficient means near perfect. I can
use MS Word, but I could not sell it as a service.
Have you done bookkeeping or billing before? If so, this again, is
something you can sell as a service. Are your kids older, in school all
day? Consider an errand service. Perform a web search for errand services
and view what others are offering and at what fees.
Are you an expert with a sewing machine? You can offer tailoring and
mending as a service. I am only 5'2? and both my kids are 5'. We need
everything altered. I would love to bring it to someone's home versus
having to go to the dry cleaner, change in their icky little bathroom
Prefer to sell a product? You have a few choices, yes, only a few. You
can make the product yourself. You can purchase from a wholesaler, or you
can purchase from a direct sales company. That's it, only those few
If you wish to make the products, again, look within. What hobbies do you
have? What crafts can you make? Some folks sell hand sewn or hand
crocheted items. Some sell homemade soaps and lotions. Some sell homemade
These are the many options you can do when you plan in a home base
business. Plus, running a small medium business at the comfort in your
own home saves you any amount of money because you don't have to pay for
rent. Plus, you can control your time and if you're a home maker, you
won't have to leave your kids.
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