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How to Overcome Fear of Rejection in Dating Women


									How to Overcome Fear of Rejection in Dating Women
The real obstacle here is the fear.
As I mentioned, fear of rejection, or imagining rejection when you should
be imagining success, leads to walking away.
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
Ironically, I've found that the best way to overcome my own fear of
rejection was to see that it wasn't going to actually happen.
The more times I approached women and started conversations and the more
I saw that women usually responded positively, the less I imagined things
going wrong.
This led to a positive feedback loop of me wanting to approach more women
and have more success.
Here are a few ideas for overcoming your own fear of rejection:
1) Go out to a bar, and watch men approaching women.
Take a Saturday night, and just go out alone. Find a seat at the bar
where things are busy, and just watch.
Make sure you visit a place that is really busy, so you can see a lot of
people interacting.
Now, pay attention.
You'll begin to pick out the guys who are approaching a lot of women,
asking them to dance, buying them drinks, etc. Watch what happens.
You'll be able to see for yourself that most of the time, even if the
woman isn't interested, nothing bad happens.
You'll also see that when a guy tries to grab a woman who's walking by,
makes a crude sexual comment, or just keeps talking when a woman isn't
interested, that the woman's feelings might escalate and she'll respond
You can watch what works and what doesn't right in front of your own
This will start to reprogram your mind that women don't usually "reject"
men, even in the most intense situations where they're being approached
all night.
2) Start small.
If you have to, start by talking to women who are paid to talk to you. Go
to a mall (one of my favorites).
Stores in malls hire attractive young women. Walk into every store, and
start conversations. Practice making eye contact.
Come up with a few jokes that you can use in any situation ("So, do you
own this store? Perfect, then you won't care if I just take some
Ask the salesgirls to smell your new cologne (the one you sprayed on your
wrist next door) and give you her opinion.
The more you do this, the more you'll get used to starting conversations
with women you don't know, and having comfortable conversations.
3) Choose one default thing for each situation.
It amazes me that guys don't think ahead. They don't plan what they're
going to do. As the old saying goes "By failing to plan, you plan to
You really need to figure out a default thing you can do to start a
conversation with any woman, anywhere, anytime.
Once you come up with your idea, mentally rehearse it until you could do
it in any situation. Then get out and do it.
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