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									3 Romantic Dinner Ideas
There are few date ideas more classic than the dinner date. It's a
standard favourite that can be modified to fit any situation. It doesn't
matter how little time you might have, there's always time to eat! It's
ideal for a first date because it has a definite end. If the date doesn't
go particularly well, you can end it right after the meal. If, however,
you're feeling a connection with the other person, you can go for after-
dinner drinks and continue talking. The trick to impressing someone with
a dinner date is to change it up! Don't just do what everyone expects.
Pick up a few romantic dinner ideas and you'll always have someone to
chow down with!
If you know the other person's favourite food before the date starts,
you've got a head start. An interesting and unforgettable dinner date
doesn't involve only one restaurant - it involves several! Let's call
this the "Who Has the Best...." dinner date. You get to fill in the
blank. For example, say your date loves calamari. It's her favourite
food. The date consists of the two of you visiting various restaurants in
the city in an effort to find the very best calamari. Odds are you won't
be able to keep score very well because you'll be laughing and talking
way too much, but the idea will win you major points. It shows that you
are willing to explore your options and that you are open-minded. Chances
are the other person will be eager to find out just what other romantic
dinner ideas are up your sleeve.
The key to successful dating is to create pleasant and unforgettable
memories. You want the things you do to stand out in the other person's
mind. A great way to do this is to eat dinner in a different way. Forget
about just trying new food; actually try eating it in a different way.
This can involve eliminating cutlery from your dinner. Eat with your
hands for once! Just make sure the food isn't too messy. Forgo the usual
finger foods though - you want this to be memorable. Everyone has eaten
pizza with their hands! Try things like sushi, cannelloni, or even
dessert! You can go one step further and eat blindfolded or jump right
into feeding each other.
Take the indoor dinner outside! Dine under the stars or next to the
ocean. Anywhere but inside at a regular dining room table will be
interesting and unique. The best romantic dinner ideas don't use a table
at all! Opt for a picnic table, blanket, sand, grass or anything else
instead. Use ambient lighting to make the experience extra special. This
can easily be done with candles, lanterns or even white Christmas lights.
Nothing is off-limits. Also, add some mood music by bringing a battery
operated CD or iPod player. Find out what kind of music your date likes
and it will be an extra special touch. This idea does take a bit more
work because you have to work extra hard to keep food warm and to keep
bugs at bay. The end result, however, will be very romantic and well
worth it.
Going out for a conventional meal at your usual restaurant is easy and
safe. If you truly want to impress your date, you have to think outside
the box. Doing what you always do won't yield new and exciting results.
There are a ton of romantic dinner ideas just waiting to be explored.
Don't believe your own excuses about not having enough money, time or
creativity to pull it all off. As soon as you start incorporating some
new twists, you'll find it difficult going back to your old boring dinner
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