Webinar: Email Marketing 101: Tips to Improve HTML Email Response Rates

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					Email Marketing 101
Maximizing HTML Email Results

April 15-16, 2009 Craig Stouffer, Pinpointe Email Marketing cstouffer@pinpointe.com (408) 834-7577 x125
www.twitter.com/pinpointe www.pinpointe.com/blog
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Gary Halliwell NetProspex CEO mfeldman@NetProspex.com (888) 826-4877
www.twitter.com/netprospex www.netprospex.com/blog

CAN-SPAM: Myths and Truths Quick Tips: DO’s and DON’T’S of Email Marketing Tips to Improve HTML Email Opens Comparing List Sources: Comparison of Live Data The Pinpointe / NetProspex Solution

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What Today’s Session IS / IS NOT
TOPIC IS: “Tactics to improve the readability, response and delivery of HTML emails” Or.. “Why did my good Email go Bad?” TOPIC IS NOT: How Can I out maneuver / trick a SPAM filter??

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B2B E-mail Marketing - Trends
79% Say “Email=Best ROI; beats search” (TheResearchGroup) 58% now using purchased lists to augment opt-ins

Content (Relevance) beats permission! (Sherpa / Q-int)
Recent Survey Findings:

◦ 59% say “Anything Relevant is NOT SPAM (independent of source)” ◦ 56% say “Permission-based w/Irrelevant content = SPAM!”

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CAN-SPAM - Provisions
1. Bans false / misleading header information 2. Prohibits deceptive subject lines 3. Requires opt-out method for recipients(*) 4. Requires that unsolicited commercial email be
identified as an advertisement

5. Email must includes the sender's valid physical postal
address (P.O. box is now OK)
See the FTC Web site at www.ftc.gov/spam Or call toll-free, 1-877-FTC-HELP 1-877-382-4357
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What Affects Email Responses ?
Readability: Content (Email Marketing 101):
◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Once it’s delivered - make sure your email is read! Avoid “Spam-like” content Effective image use Effective Subject line, lead-in, relevant content, etc.

Sending Reputation (Email Marketing 201):
◦ ◦ ◦ ◦
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Proper configuration of Email Severs Emails Server IP address reputation Complaints against your domain, bounces (list quality) Correct sender header, etc

B2B Email Content DON’Ts
Avoid These Content Filters Triggers:
***EXCE$$!VE ***PUNCTUATION!!!!! Or CAPITALIZATION AVOID SPAM Filter Catch Words: Free, Guarantee, Credit Card, security, … DON’T just send one big image (maintain low “image to text ratio”) LIMIT sending to consumer addresses (AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc) DON’T use complex or cute HTML DON’T ignore CAN-SPAM Requirements If you want to know what ‘Spamassassin’ checks:

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B2B Email Marketing: DO’s
DO use a compelling subject line (40/40/20 rule) DO use specific, measurable calls-to-action (links) DO Test, preview, measure and test again DO Personalize where possible:
◦ From: sales@abc.com or bob.smith@abc.com

DO “Think above the fold” (preview pane) DO locate your value statement at/near the top DO Keep it simple – avoid complicated HTML design DO Start with a good list and keep it clean

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Email: Limited Rendering Abilities
B2B: Nearly 75% of email clients use Outlook! Outlook ‘07 Doesn’t support:
◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Background images Forms Flash, javascript or other plugins, animated GIFs CSS positioning or floats Images as bullet-points Outlook supports only 42% of CSS features Gmail is better… supports 53% (wow!) Notes (v6): supports 19% of CSS features Think LCD (Least Common Denominator)

Email Rendering Factoids:

So… Code like its 1999!
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HTML Email: A Few Design Tips
Poor HTML can stop your dialog in its tracks
◦ Many real spammers can’t code (or don’t care) ◦ Don’t cut ‘n paste from MS Word!

Size Matters:
◦ Keep width to a maximum of 600-800 pixels ◦ Monitor Image to Text ratio

Length Matters:
◦ Short is good. ◦ Titles <50 characters improve response by 50%

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HTML Email: Using Images
50% of Email clients: Images disabled by default So think about how your email will look w/o images This email isn’t too informative, is it?

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Think “Above the Fold”
FOLD: “First 3 lines / Preview pane” You have email subject + 3 lines to get attention… … Use it wisely! This is an actual email Displayed in Outlook 2003 preview pane Guess what? I deleted it…

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Managing CSS Styles in Email
Email clients don’t support style sheets well Suggestions: Use inline / embedded styles. Linking to external CSS style sheets does not work consistently KISS… font size, color, margins, basic stuff Use your body, not your head…
◦ Most email clients strip everything between header tags ◦ So, embed styles within <BODY> tags

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Miscellaneous HTML Tidbits
Outlook ’07 doesn’t do background images, but does do colors. So – also use a background cell color:
<td background="http://www.mypinpointe.com/ images/yourimg.gif" bgcolor=“#554433">

Image maps aren’t supported. Slice your graphics and use <ALT> text with separate links. Example: Using Fonts (w/o CSS):
<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">My text</font>

Most email clients don’t support Javascript, frames, ActiveX, ASP, PHP… So avoid them Use <p> </p> tags vs. <div> </div> tags

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Lists: Comparing Results
Actual results from this campaign Sent a total of 103,000 emails Comparison of responses, costs for lists
List -> Bounces Unsubscribe Opened Clicked
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In-House Developed

Purchased Vendor A

Purchased NetProspex

1.5% .72% 42.2% 1.41%

13% .65% 7.0% .32%

8.9% .79% 12.3% .72%

Lists: “Build vs. Buy”
Purchased List Cost / Name Cost / Attendee Time to Develop List Size $.20~$.50 $57 1 week 5k ~ 100k+ Opt-In List 7x-50x more $168 Months/years 1k ~ 10k

Recommendation: Use purchased lists to complement opt-in lists Keep lists clean Track and measure results
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List Sourcing Choices
List industry
◦ Offline, no transparency, rental

Traditional online
◦ C-level focus, often lack email

Networking tools - for relationship sales
◦ Limited by user membership or web coverage

User generated - great for transactional sales
◦ Most in-depth. Look for ensured data quality

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What Sets NetProspex Apart?
3.2MM+ decision makers User-generated 250,000 new per month 100% Validated All job titles & industries Title, email & phone Buy or recycle

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Recycling: Fast, Easy, Free!

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What Sets Pinpointe Apart?
• On-Demand Hosted Email Service Provider • Service B2B companies:
• Sophisticated email marketing needs • Not ready to use / fund complex marketing automation

• • • •

Feature Rich: Easy-to-use, WYSIWYG Editor, reporting, service Permit non-opt-in B2B lists from qualified vendors Provide strategic advice, guidance to improve results More than 5,000 companies using Pinpointe platform

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Delivery & Tracking (Pinpointe Dashboard)


Delivery & Tracking (Pinpointe Dashboard)

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NetProspex / Pinpointe Solution
Set up Trial Account with Pinpointe / NetProspex Get up to 100 NetProspex records Use trade-in credits to get more contacts Pinpointe will create trial account and:
◦ Upload records ◦ Send up to 2,000 emails

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Contact Information
For questions, or to request a trial account, please contact:

Craig Stouffer Pinpointe (Email Marketing) cstouffer@pinpointe.com (408) 834-7577 x125
www.twitter.com/pinpointe www.pinpointe.com/blog

Mark Feldman NetProspex (Lists/Contacts) mfeldman@NetProspex.com (888) 826-4877
www.twitter.com/netprospex www.netprospex.com/blog

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Description: This is the Powerpoint slide deck for the Webinar Email Marketing 101 Tips to Improve Email Response Rates The interactive session demonstrates tips to improve delivery and email response rates for your well crafted HTML emails We also cover tips to help ensure your email gets read once it actually makes it to the inbox Email Marketing 101 focuses on email content and covers the following topics Update on CANSPAM Requirements Designing for the Inbox Think Above the Fold 21 DOs and DONTs Tips to Improve Email Delivery You can also register and view the ondemand webinar here httpwwwpinpointecomblogwebinaremailmarketing101tipstoimprovehtmlemaildelivery