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The Best Running Socks
Aren't socks just, well, socks? This is really a more legitimate question
than some people might realize. According to observers of the running
world and the running apparel industry, even experienced runners
sometimes don't understand what makes a running sock a running sock. With
special materials, construction and durability, socks made specifically
for running can help the individual get the most out of an exercise or
competition experience.
What They Are
Another way to look at this difference would be to use another item of
exercise/competition apparel. The jersey, as it is called, has a place in
nearly every sport - basketball, football, baseball, rugby etc. There are
also cycling jerseys, jerseys for everyday wear and so on. What separates
a jersey from another pullover shirt, for example? Well, many of the same
factors that separate an everyday sock from a running sock.
The bottom line about running socks is that these special items of
footwear are intended to help an individual perform at his or her best
during exercise, training and competition. Socks are meant to help take
moisture away from the foot during activity and if those socks are
absorbent enough, they will soak up some of this body moisture and keep
it away from the skin. This allows the individual to remain cool through
natural sweating without being uncomfortable.
Where Do I Find Them?
When it comes to purchasing exercise and athletic items, whether it is
the running sock or the cycling jersey, it is generally best to seek out
a few of the top-name manufacturers and try their products to see which
work best. For example, Running Unlimited offers a range of athletic sock
and running sock items, many of which come in three-packs - Lite Running
sock; Mini-Crew Protection Level 3; Women's Lite Mini-Crew.
Some active runners go directly to The Sweat Shop for their specialty
footwear, such as X-Socks Sky Running Socks. Some in the field consider
this sock an excellent choice for fit and cushion. Other people add that
these are great socks for the training phase. Comfortable fit and no
blisters are two benefits of a top running sock.
Good running socks are often shaped for the right foot and left foot, a
detail that some runners insist on. The X-Socks Running Sock also has
unusual channels that help move air around the foot. Not only is the foot
dry and comfortable, there is less chance of foot disease with a properly
dry foot.
Advice from experienced runners usually includes emphasis on getting the
right running sock. This is apparently no place to try to save money.
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