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									Myrtle Beach Real Estate Foreclosures
Foreclosures spike - and they will get much worse. Foreclosures increased
in 46 states and in 90 of the nation's 100 largest metro areas. Yes folks
bargain hunters are flocking into the foreclosures market. These "real
estate owned" homes always have a clear title, which saves time, expense
and general worries about foreclosures.
Foreclosures are properties that have been foreclosed by a mortgage
lender and are now for sale through foreclosure auction. Foreclosures
increased in 46 states and in 90 of the nation's 100 largest metro areas.
Foreclosures are on the rise and with it the numbers of abandoned homes
are also increasing. After a foreclosure is completed, they will
coordinate with a local real estate agent to get the property listed and
sold. If governments or agencies want to help people in foreclosure, they
really could learn from the people who have marketed to distressed
homeowners for many years.
Mortgage delinquencies rose in the first quarter to 6. Mortgage rates are
at a 2 year low and they are predicted to come down even further. The
Mortgage Bankers Association's first quarter report showed a record 2. It
isn't really worth it to continue making payments on an underwater
mortgage and at 11% [usury] interest rate. Be sure to do your homework
and figure out what a property would rent for and compare that to what
your monthly mortgage payments would be. Some regions that had been only
slightly hurt by the mortgage meltdown recorded large increases in
filings. When it comes to foreclosure auctioning, usually no third party
bidders offer to buy the foreclosed properties.
Buying a foreclosure home or a bank foreclosed property can be a great
way to save on a foreclosure real estate, since you can usually buy them
for much more below their retail market value. A lender may either repair
the property or give a discount to the buyer to make repairs. These types
of properties provide a unique opportunity to home buyers and investors
by offering them a chance to purchase property for far less than its
normal market value. It appears that REDC (US Home Auctions) is going to
be quite busy this month and earning some nice commissions (5% "Buyers
Premium"). Purchasing foreclosed homes can be a great and profitable
experience, if you take the time to educate yourself on the complexities
of buying foreclosure homes.
Since whether your house is worth as much as you paid for it shouldn't
normally affect whether you can afford to pay your mortgage (unless
you're taking the drastic step of "walking away" just because of the
decline in value -- a gamble, considering your credit rating gets shot).
Also, banks are dishonest about a lot of foreclosures because they are
dragging their feet in sending out default notices so that they don't
have to report them on their financials and also because they are waiting
and hoping for a bailout.
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