The Ancient Art of Professional Wrestling by primusboy


									The Ancient Art of Professional Wrestling
Wrestling, that sport still widely prevalent in high schools nationwide,
and of course made famous by professional wrestlers on television, has
actually been around for many, many years. As a matter of fact, wrestling
likely got its start in ancient Greece. Wrestling is perhaps one of the
oldest sports still in existence, and even still practiced in the very
same fashion as it was when it first began.
It is believed that it began as an ancient form of military training. As
it happens, wrestling develops great skill in graceful movement, in
addition to strength. Therefore, those soldiers trained in wrestling were
extremely physically fit for taking down an opponent, both in the ring
and on the battlefield.
Wrestling was not only for soldiers, though. In ancient Greece, this may
have been offered as a part of normal education, much like a physical
education class offered as part of a well-rounded curriculum in
contemporary schools. It develops skill and dexterity that is necessary
for ease of movement and fluidity in combat situations.
Of course, everyone knows that the ancient Greeks are responsible for the
Olympics, so it stands to reason that it was added as an Olympic sport.
The Greeks, known for their domination in physical competition, easily
also dominated wrestling at first. However, that was not to last very
long at all.
Over the years, as other countries joined the Olympics, it became
painfully obvious that Greek men were not the only masters of wrestling.
Evidently, it had become very popular around the world. Athletes from all
over were also being trained in it, and they turned out to be quite good
at the sport. To be certain, wrestling was quite the draw for building
physical fitness.
Nowadays, this is still very popular. Professional wrestling has become a
mainstream form of entertainment drawing spectators from all walks of
life. Also, many high schools and colleges have competitive wrestling
teams. Over a thousand years after it debuted, it remains a sport that is
not only highly practiced, but that is still well known and recognized
for developing discipline, skill, and physical fitness.
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