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Art Nouveau Engagement Rings


									Art Nouveau Engagement Rings
Art Nouveau engagement rings are bold and beautiful vintage rings that
contain style and class. The definition of Art Nouveau is "new art" and
the style is reflective of the definition.
Art Noveau jewelry is characterized by feminine designs that incorporate
sweeping lines and elegance that every woman loves. This jewelry time
period used a variety of stones and metals, and many of the Art Noveau
rings are very unique. Some of the most unique jewelry masterpieces were
created during this time period.
The designs during this time period were based on nature. For example,
many of the carvings and etchings used elements from flowers, insects,
plants, and animals such as peacocks. The lines were very soft and
feminine, and all of the designs are artistic and creative.
Japanese art had a strong influence in the designs of the Art Nouveau
engagement rings. The artists loved the unique characteristics of the
Japanese art, and people were fascinated by the new, mysterious style of
Japan. It brought in a new dimension that had not been previously
The mystical element was pursued in many of the Art Nouveau jewelry
pieces. Designs were created mimicking dancers, mermaids, dragonflies,
and other fairy tale objects. Some of these jewelry pieces contained
enamel coloring that looked just like stained glass.
Art Noveau engagement rings are more than just a ring-- they are a work
of art that displays the artists characteristics and ideas. Many of the
jewelry pieces were made to be symbolic-- they tell a story that the
artist has hidden in the designs.
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