Ways to Embellish Your MySpace Profile

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					Ways to Embellish Your MySpace Profile
The popularity of a social networking site relies on the premise that
people love to share their passions, interests, viewpoints and sense of
humor with the world. As a result of this explosive market, a bunch of
complementary sites, like "Glitter-graphics" and "Pimp-my-profile" have
emerged, allowing you to embellish your MySpace profile with photo slide-
shows, videos, custom contact tables, glitter graphics and more. For the
sake of your privacy, there are also codes that allow you to hide certain
To get a custom background, you can check out "Pimp-my-profile",
"MySpacegens", or another site found by typing "MySpace layout"/"MySpace
Background" into a search engine, such as Google. The easiest option is
to find a suitable pre-made layout, where all you need to do is highlight
the layout's code, press CTRL-C to cut, go back to your MySpace editor
and hit CTRL-V to paste the code into the "About Me" section of your
Some sites even allow you to enter your MySpace login info and they add
the codes for you! However, this could jeopardize your site's security so
it is not recommended. If you do use this method, then be sure to change
your password afterwards. The web pros may want to try their hand at
designing a more customized profile, selecting the border, colors, text,
section, spacing and more.
Adding a music playlist is a fun way to jazz up your MySpace profile. On
MySpace, you can go to any band page and click "Add this song to my
profile," an option listed on the band's music player. To have your very
own music page, you must specify that you are a band at sign up time.
Otherwise, you can check out "Playlist" or "Dizzler", where you can add
up to fifty songs to play randomly or in a rotation.
You can find just about any band through the site, you don't need the
songs on your computer and it's super easy to add songs. There are a
couple of different music player designs to choose from. If you prefer,
you can even choose to hide the music player from your friends and put it
on auto-play.
Lastly, you may find you want to hide certain things on your MySpace
profile. The last thing you want your parents to know is who you have a
crush on, or perhaps you don't want everyone knowing what city you live
in or how old you are. Come to think of it, your ex-boyfriend or ex-
girlfriend doesn't need to view your top friends and comments to snoop
and see who you're dating now!
You can find comprehensive MySpace codes, tutorials on "MySpacegens" that
will inform you how to hide your age, sex, location, comments, links,
blogs, url, friends, last login and more. Or, if you prefer,
"Kawaiispace" has an easy-to-use "Hide Profile Sections" generator.
Keeping your information private online is not a challenge if you have
the right tools.
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