Twitter - Are You Making These Mistakes When Using Twitter

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					Twitter - Are You Making These Mistakes When Using Twitter?
Sometimes in order to succeed we need to learn how not to fail. There are
many things you should do to succeed using Twitter, but there are also
some things that you should NOT do...
Here's 5 of the most common mistakes I see being made...
1 - Putting out too many "Tweets" on Twitter. Although the idea of
Twitter is to tell people what you're doing at any one time don't get
carried away, you're not required to tell people everything you're doing.
By putting up too many Tweets especially if its just "fluff" isn't going
to work and don't be surprised if some of your followers opt out.
2 - Spamming with affiliate links. Like e-mail there are some people who
think to get the best results all they have to do is spam with the same
comments over and over again and continue to fill all their posts with
affiliate links and expect to see results. It ain't gonna happen and no
one is going to want to follow you.
3 - Trying to say too much. With Twitter you're limited to only 140
characters so you need to think about what you type about. Don't try to
get you full marketing message in this amount of space, better to lead
your followers to a blog post or an article that can do this instead with
better results.
4 - Tweeting about you constantly and not chatting to others. By using
Twitter you have the opportunity to get in contact with others (even some
of the online guru's) which isn't available to you by e-mail.
Sure we could "Tweet" about ourselves constantly but why not take an
interest in what others are doing, remember you're a "follower".
Congratulate others if they send you to a great article or had a great
results and answer them if they ask a question. Remember Twitter is a way
to build relationships, maybe not full on, but it can be the baby steps
you need to get the ball rolling.
5 - Not adding value to your followers. Twitter like everything is going
to be dominated by the people who give great value to their followers. If
you had the chance to follow someone who was constantly posting about
nonsense or someone that was giving content and tips away, who are you
going to follow?
Twitter may not have the same power as MySpace or FaceBook as you're
limited by space but it is a great way of building relationships with
others online. Remember, it's nice to feel part of a group of like minded
people rather than a lonely web surfer going from site to site, this is
why forums are so popular.
So, why not use Twitter today to make that connection with others?
If you're still not sure about how to use Twitter I invite you to
download my free report Twitter For Beginners for the right ways and the
wrongs ways to use twitter, and much more. I know you'll enjoy it!

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