Networking and the Freshman Orientation

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					Networking and the Freshman Orientation
College and Networking go hand in hand. The new freshman class can also
use their new status, high energy and thirst for knowledge to build their
network before the upperclass men get on campus. The week of freshman
orientation is an excellent opportunity for freshman to take advantage of
chance opportunities, build relationships, find their career or academic
path and build a foundation of future success. This article will give
students insight on how they can make the most of any and all networking
opportunities and have an excellent first year college experience!
Freshman Seminar
Usually depending on the college or academic institution, the freshmen
students are recommended to take workshops and classes that are geared to
properly adapting to the new college environment, picking the right major
or course and listening to advice and tips for a successful first year.
Organizations within the college or academic institution will hire
outside consultants or inquire campus staff to facilitate the workshops
or seminars. This is an awesome opportunity for students to attend events
and connect with professionals and build their network early in the game.
Students are recommended to introduce themselves to the professionals,
speakers or workshop facilitators. They should also follow up and look
for ways to attend similar events on or off campus.
Student Advisors
During the week long session of orientation, freshmen students should try
to set up appointments with their advisors for academic and career
guidance. Meetings should be at least thirty minutes and students should
go prepared with a list of at least ten various questions. The questions
should be about the college or academic institution as well as questions
for the advisor. Also, the students should finds ways to network through
student groups and campus activities and learn about the college
leadership for the student body and administrators.
Student Body
Students should use this unique opportunity to meet as many freshmen as
possible. During this orientation, classes have not started and students
have more free time to socialize, meet up and build relationships before
the semester or quarter kicks into full gear. Students should connect
with out of state and foreign students and branch out and even connect
with students from different schools and academic institutions. Students
are recommended to attend other college sporting, cultural and social
events. And students should also reach out to other students and invite
them to their sporting, cultural and social events. This is an excellent
way to develop campus life and promote activities within the communities.
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