Hide Your MySpace Details Section For Extra Privacy

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					Hide Your MySpace Details Section For Extra Privacy!
So, you have been working on your MySpace profile page, and you think you
have it just about the way you want it - except for one thing. All that
personal information that you included so that your profile would sort of
match the profiles of your friends as far as content is making you a
little bit nervous. You aren't sure that you really want to reveal so
many things about yourself.
There are rumours floating around your circle of friends that someone's
cousin's sister's boyfriend's little sister was contacted by someone she
didn't know via the telephone. This person claimed that he had found her
telephone number because of the information on her MySpace profile. You
aren't sure whether to believe this particular story or not, although you
do know that things like this really have happened.
You are in a quandary now - what to do? One friend suggested you just
make your profile private like hers is, so that only those people who you
have chosen to be on your Friends List can see the profile. But, you
aren't too sure about that. How will you ever make new friends on MySpace
if they have to be on your Friends list in order to view your profile?
Your friend admitted she had never thought of that, and the two of you
discussed how you wished there was a way to hide the section of your
profile that has your details listed - or any other profile section, for
that matter!
You want to hide something? There is a way you can do this, and it is
very easy to do. If you created your own profile on MySpace, then you
will have no trouble at all doing this, too! What you will need to do is
copy and then paste certain codes in certain areas of your profile, and
you'll do this by going to the Edit Profile page of MySpace. provides free MySpace layouts for your MySpace
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