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									Connect the Dots
Connections you can make on the internet always amaze me. If it weren't
for these connections, Internet Television Company (real name to be
released later--so keep your network open!) would not even exist. In
fact, it probably never would have gotten started!
I was sitting at home with some great ideas. I knew they were great, but
I also knew I couldn't make them real alone. I needed help. I needed
experts in all kinds of fields. But where could I find these people? Even
if I could find them, how would I convince them to work with me?
A friend of mine suggested that start looking at some of the networking
site. My kids had always talked about Facebook and MySpace, but I really
didn't know what these networking sites were all about. Plus I was
looking for some serious business contacts, not just a place to
I decided it was time to get serious about networking on the internet. I
made a commitment to spend at least two hours a day working on my
networking presence on the internet. One place I decided to concentrate
was on I put up my profile and what I was looking for in a
business partner. I also started looking at other profiles out there.
The first person I connected with was Dr. Robin Rushlo (aka the
Blindguy). This guy seemed to know just about everything there was to
know about MLM and network marketing. He was a perfect match for one my
projects that involved lead generation software. We hit it off
To make a long story short, we evolved from lead technology software to
The Internet Television Company. My networking continued on
as well as other networking sites. Soon I had people with expertise in
inspirational speaking, network marketing, legal expertise, investors. I
met the people from Splashmedia that could provide the technology
resources we needed to make The Internet Television Company a reality.
The greatest thing was that they were looking for someone to partner with
as well! Some day I will write a book about the connections because it is
a phenomenal (and almost unbelievable) story. When The Internet
Television Company is finally launched, maybe I'll have time!
Never underestimate the power of networking on the internet. It
definitely takes time and a commitment since you will fall off the radar
if you don't stay active, but the rewards can be tremendous. If nothing
else, you will meet a lot of people that share common interests with you!
Where else can you get those kinds of connections?
Chris A. Hutcherson is the CEO of The Internet Television Company. This
network is about to launch and will be the world's largest internet
television station. Chris has been involved in children's charities most
of his life and has helped raised over $200 million for charities that
beneift children. Find out more about Chris and The Internet Television
Company at

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