Alumni Network

					Alumni Network
Networking can be expanded through many avenues including your college,
university or academic institution. Professionals are constantly
encouraged to reach out to their alumni associations to network, build
relationships, make new connections and advance academically and
professionally. Colleges, universities and other academic institutions
have been established for several years and provide a strong foundation
for networking opportunities locally, nationally and internationally.
Listed below are some helpful tips of how professionals can take a huge
advantage of their alma mater benefits!
Alumni Checklist
The first thing a professional should do when trying to network within
their college, university or academic institution is to directly contact
the office of alumni affairs or administration. Find the director of
alumni affairs and make sure that your contact information is correct and
updated. It is good to give as much information as possible so that it is
easy for you to be found in a search online or in a printed directory.
Alumni associations usually publish annual directories online or hard
copy. Publications can categorize alumni by year of graduation, degree
type, school type, city, state or professional industry.
Alumni Local Chapters
The next step is to locate the local chapters in your city or nearby
city. Linking face to face and getting involved directly with alumni
chapters is an effective way of networking. It is an increased plus to
attend events and functions that can attract a wide range of alumni,
family and friends. If your college, university or academic institution
has many local chapters, professionals should consider meeting at more
than one chapter association to increase their visibility and expand
their networking endeavors.
Alumni Event Coordinators
The final step for networking with your association is to locate the
alumni event coordinators. If it is feasible, professionals should try
and set up face to face meetings or phone conference to discuss
networking and social events hosted by the alumni association.
Professionals can consider matching up and co-hosting an event with
alumni. Or they can make suggestions or comments for ideas for future
networking and social events. This is also a great way to increase
visibility and awareness for your professional and social needs and
Alumni Interest Groups
Professionals can often fall into two or more alumni groups from their
college, university or academic institution depending on the size of the
alumni association. If this is the case, professionals should take
advantage of this and become involved with as many interest groups as
possible. There may be situations where a professional graduated from
more than one school, holds multiple degrees or is a member of two or
more alumni interest groups that are categorized by race or gender.
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