30 Second Speech For Singers and Artists

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					30 Second Speech For Singers & Artists
Musicians and artists can also be savvy networkers at business and social
events. It is even recommended that they step out of their box and
network with professionals and various or diverse industries. The
products, services and presentations which singers and artists can offer
are great for individuals, companies and corporations. It is also an
excellent way to barter services and diversify your network for ongoing
success. Musicians and artists are encouraged to polish their approach
and develop favorable business protocol to present a worthwhile image to
their business counterparts. A very good way of doing that is creating a
one of a kind 30 second speech for networking events, meeting and social
Listed below are tips which artists and singers can use to network
outside the box and reach their networking objectives and endeavors!
Ready for Action
Musicians and singers should be just as professionally ready for
networking events as their business counterparts. This includes arriving
on time or early to events, having plenty of professional, neat and up to
date business cards and a firm handshake. Respecting the business
protocol and social etiquette rules will greatly impress your colleagues
and encourage relationship development, trust and loyalty. It will also
improve your image and credibility with others.
30 Second Speech
Artists and singers are encouraged to practice and develop their 30
Second Speech before attending networking and industry events. The speech
should be clear, concise and memorable upon delivery. The speech should
include your name, title, artistic ability, name of manager or label,
latest artistic project, featured service and future projects. We know
that artists wear many hats and have a wealth of talents and abilities.
But when meeting others it is best to pick just one of your best or
strongest abilities to showcase in your 30 Second Speech. While
developing relationships, you can expand your services and offerings.
More Than Meets The Eye
While networking and developing relationships, encourage your
counterparts to listen to a demo or music sample of your work. Encourage
them to visit your website or be on a mailing list for upcoming events
and notifications. Try to extend offerings to attend concerts, events and
other activities in which you can present and entertain them or their
clients, friends or colleagues. This is an exceptional way to develop
lasting relationships and expand your networking sphere of influence.
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