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Company/Department FISHING OPERATIONS Plan Year 2008

PANGKALAHATANG PAMAMAHALA NG OPERASYON NG XJJ FISHING Over-all management of administrative, organizational, accounting and Information Technology matters including development, documentation and implementation of company policies and procedures, for all companies under the XJJ Group of Companies. To provide support services to the marketing group through technical/product/market research, preparation of presentation materials, sales kits, flyers and brochures and conduct of product presentations to clients. KEY INITIATIVES  Review of functions and operations of all entities under the XJJ Group of Companies, to ensure the creation and maintenance of efficient organizational, operational and financial policies, systems and procedures  Development of XJJ Group of Companies’ organizational, administrative and operational systems, policies and procedures through the formulation, documentation, dissemination and implementation of guidelines and policy statements, functional statements, organizational and positional charts, and job descriptions  Supervision of the implementation of operating procedures in areas of accounting, personnel movement, benefits and discipline, and general office administration in accordance with legal standards and generally accepted principles  Setting-up of server, workstation and network service hardware and software; establishing personal and shared network storage for data and application files; organizing and configuring network resources for optimum performance and documentation of the same; establishing and maintaining network security system; and providing systematic data backup and retrieval process  Evaluation of the company’s packaged software needs, sourcing and acquisition of the same; installation and maintenance through helpdesk of software packages and; development and implementation of training programs for packaged and in-house software  Design and maintenance of Internet Web sites/pages INDIVIDUAL INITIATIVES METHODS Prepare policy statements in form of Circulars and Memoranda Maintain and update, if necessary, the Employee Discipline Manual Maintain and update, if necessary, the XJJ Organizational Chart and Personnel Roster Draft and update, if necessary, employee Job Descriptions Review/design/modify existing forms and reports, as needed ACCOUNTING Inititiate the creation, evaluate, finalize and implement the Accounting Chart of Accounts Supervise and ensure the proper posting of transactions to appropriate account titles and account codes Supervise and ensure proper maintenance of Books of Accounts Supervise and ensure proper cash disbursement and liquidation system Supervise and ensure accurate preparation and timely submission of accounting management reports PERSONNEL Evaluate current manpower complement and recommend reduction or addition as necessary Facilitate job ad placements to internet and newspaper for manpower requirements Develop recruitment tools such as Interview sheets, questionnaires, etc.

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Employee Name CARMELITO INOJALES Supervisor’s Name

Position Title OPERATIONS MANAGER Supervisor’s Title

Company/Department FISHING OPERATIONS Plan Year

JUANITO C. INOJALES PRESIDENT/GEN. MANAGER 2008 INDIVIDUAL INITIATIVES  Evaluate employment applicants through interview and examinations  Monitor, in coordination with the department heads, employee compliance to disciplinary policies and procedures  Receive notice of employee infractions, evaluate, recommend and impose disciplinary action  Evaluate employee performance, recommend and implement appropriate action, i.e. promotion, demotion, non-extension of probationary period  Investigate matters of security and safety and initiate appropriate action  Attend to employee’s queries, recommendations and other concerns  Review the veracity of payroll for all employees/groups prior to disbursement  Prepares ID cards and other personnel forms and reports               COMPUTER SYSTEMS Perform technical support such as installation/ removal, update, upgrade and troubleshooting of computer software and hardware Clean and perform preventive maintenance of existing computers Recommend specifications and features, and initiate acquisition of PC hardware and software, if necessary Coordinate with IT vendors regarding specifications, bundles and costs Upon detection of symptoms, scan and clean PCs for any form of malware install/upgrade free antivirus program Supervise operation of all modules of XJJ Computerized Monitoring System, and troubleshoot if necessary Develop/update automated forms and reports using Crystal Report Designer and Microsoft Access Maintain XJJ Monitoring System Microsoft Access database through periodic cleanups and backups Attend to queries and requests by computer users WEB SITE AND EMAIL Develop, update, upload and maintain the pages for XJJ Web Site Administer the company email by assigning users, mailbox space, alias, etc. Configure LAN/internet settings, i.e. IP address, subnet mask, DNS of file server and all computers Coordinate with the Internet Service Provider on matters pertaining to Web and eMail Hosting, Domain Name registration, upgrades, billing, etc. Attend to queries and requests by internet and email users MARKETING SERVICES Conduct research, via internet and other media, on features, specifications and other matters pertinent to the products handled by the trading group Do computer graphic and write-ups of brochures, flyers, and other sales materials Develop PowerPoint presentation materials for the trading group Edit existing and downloaded media presentations by mixing, clipping, splicing, converting and packaging according to the needs of the trading group Conduct product presentation to prospective clients Attend to queries and requests by sales agents and prospective clients OTHERS Keep well-informed of the latest information, news and standards on labor, accounting, government, technology and other matters affecting the affairs of the company

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Employee Name CARMELITO INOJALES Supervisor’s Name

Position Title OPERATIONS MANAGER Supervisor’s Title

Company/Department FISHING OPERATIONS Plan Year

JUANITO C. INOJALES PRESIDENT/GEN. MANAGER 2008 INDIVIDUAL INITIATIVES  Farm out important gathered advisories, white papers, and literatures relative to each groups responsibilities  Perform technical/executive assistant functions to the President, EVP and Managers on various matters Signature of Employee Date Signature of Supervisor Date

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