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									Personalized Baby Shower Party Favors
Parties in most cases are viewed as a give and take affair and a baby
shower party should not be any different. It is not always all about
giving gifts to the to-be mother. It could also involve giving small and
in most cases inexpensive gifts to the guests in exchange as a token of
appreciation for taking their time to be with you as you prepare for the
arrival of your baby. These are what are called baby shower party favors.
Baby shower party favors should be as personalized as the guests present.
They could also be home made or bought directly from the supply stores.
For example you could give some small cakes to your guests with their
names inscribed on the cakes or stalks of flowers of your choice or their
preference (you could ask them which ones they prefer) with their name
tag on the stalks.
Ensure not to leave out any guest as this would leave a bitter taste and
they may fail to be part of the joy that comes with the birth of your
bundle of joy. Your may want to consider the ages of your guests so as to
prepare baby shower party favors that suit them perfectly because what
may be pleasing to one person may be completely absurd to another.
You could unleash the the favors as a total surprise when the guests
least expect anything of the sort. This would go a long way to show then
that you really had then in mind when you invited then for the party and
that you are glad they came to share in your joy.
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