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									9 Jordan st., 2nd flr. Ledesma Bldg., Multinational Village, Parañaque City Tel. No. 821-0677, 776-8864 Telefax No. 821-8926, 822-9449 www.xjjgroupco.com cfccustoms@skyinet.net


This is to certify that Mr. Ruhernel R. Cosal was employed by XJJ Group of Companies from October 1, 2003 until his resignation on January 31, 2005. During his employment, he had a full-time appointment as Driver in under the Brokerage and Forwarding Department.

This certification is being issued for whatever legal purpose it may serve him.

Issued this 29 April 2009 at Multinational Village, Paraňaque City

Certified By :

Arnold Tolentino Administration Manager

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