Baby Shower Favors and Ideas

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					Baby Shower Favors and Ideas
Do not make the very disrespectful mistake of forgetting to get baby
shower favors! But how to select what favors to get? What keepsakes are
available? Where do you get them? What's important, and what do the
guests want? How much will it all cost?
Pregnancy...birth...and boom, before you know it, it's time to plan a
baby shower. There are all sorts of things to consider-time, location,
guest lists, decorations. Your guests will give you gifts and
congratulate you, but what do you have for them in return?
Generally, your baby shower shower will have a theme of some sort. The
favors and prizes that you choose do not necessarily have to follow the
theme, but they might-it's good to have at least ten to twenty-five
percent of your prizes and gifts to be related to your theme; this
demonstrates good planning to your guests.
Baby showers can be very expensive, and favors often account for much of
the cost. To cut down on money spent, you can use decorations as prizes
(stuffed animals, for instance). Be sure to keep your total cost in mind;
it's easy to overspend by thinking only of how much you'll be spending
for each guest, but you need to remember how many guests you have in
A good way to cut cost is to buy something that can be split into smaller
quantities-chocolate, or dessert, for instance, which can be cut into
smaller pieces and split amongst gift bags. Bath salts can be bought in
packages and then split into smaller zipped bags; this way, there's no
need to buy one of something for every single guest. Small favors are
expected; most should be able to fit in the gift bad-small figurines, for
If you're feeling creative, create your own pop-up card to add a little
personal touch to the gift bag-your guests will surely appreciate it.
Also allow the expectant mother some input on gifts, unless it is to be a
surprise shower. All in all, if you have a variety of rather different
items in your gift bag, a large amount of gifts is not needed because it
will seem like there are many different items, especially when placed
inside a smaller bag.
Ideas for Shower Favors:
-Bake cupcakes and decorate with pink or blue, depending on whether the
baby is a boy or girl
-Small crystalline figurines can be cheap and well -appreciated by guests
-A cookie platter decorated with baby-related butter cookies is always
-Votive candles are small and fit well in gift bags; they come in bulk
and may even have a nice scent
To summarize, keep an idea of the budget in mind, and get small,
varieties of baby shower favors. Be sure to plan ahead of time!
Written by Karin Koch: Get more information on Baby Shower Favors and
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