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					Memorandum ADM 04-01-07 29 April 2009 To From Subject : All Concerned : The Manager, Administration : Minutes of the Meeting, XJJ Purified Drinking Water Station

The meeting was called to order at around 5:00 pm on 4 April 2007 at XJJ Conference Room. Present were the following :      Rosalia Leonardo Ralphy Pusa Froilan Abarra Jullieta Ang Arnold Tolentino OIC, Water Station Water Station Representative Driver Accounting Staff Manager, Administration

The meeting was facilitated by the undersigned. Matters concerning the revised wage scheme were discussed, to wit :   The undersigned announced that in order to beef up the sales activities of the XJJ Purified Drinking Water Station (XJJPDWS) as well as to give its personnel a fair share of the proceeds, a revised wage scheme shall be implemented effective first payroll period of April 2007. Instead of a fixed monthly wage, staff of the XJJPDWS shall be given the following : o Daily allowance of P150 for the OIC and P100 for Water Station Representatives o 25% of the net income derived from cash sales and collection shall be distributed equally among employees as profit sharing In this relation, the XJJPDWS personnel were given an overview of the financial status of the store. The OIC expressed that in case sacrifices by the owners is entailed, the management may look for her replacement. The undersigned replied that it is up to her if she would like to file a resignation letter. The OIC likewise expressed that she has not been lax in her tasks as far as store tasks are concerned, i.e. refilling and cleaning of bottles. The XJJPDWS personnel understood the essence of the meeting and promised that they will try their best to meet the management’s expectations. The undersigned gave the staff some pointers to increase sales and minimize expenses o Penetrate stores and restaurants with objective selling (PET) bottled water o Intensify distribution of leaflets o Intensify collection of Accounts Receivable o Consolidate/organize deliveries to save on fuel

    

The meeting concluded at around 6:15 pm.

Arnold Tolentino Noted :

XZ MAY P. INOJALES Proprietress

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