Reading The Tarot

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					Reading The Tarot
The tarot is considered a very user-friendly form of divination due to
the highly visual prompt of the symbols that are found on each of the
cards. By learning to interpret the tarot for your friends and family,
you can continue the age-old practice of learning from the spoken word
and picture. For thousands of years people have communicated this way
through the use of creative thought and storytelling.
Before beginning a reading, it is important to create a calm environment,
preferably with nice soft lighting. Try to reduce the background noise
and bright lights as this can disturb your concentration. It is also very
important to ensure you have privacy during the reading, as there are are
often quite personal and adult subjects that will be discussed during the
If you're doing a reading for another person, this person is referred to
as the "querent", you need to ensure the querent is relaxed when you are
reading their tarot cards, so ensure you keep eye contact and a friendly
smile at all times. At the beginning of a reading, the querent should
concentrate on the subject or issue that they are wanting to discuss
during their reading. While they're doing this they should shuffle the
cards in some way, when they feel they have concentrated and shuffled the
cards long enough, it's time for the reading to begin.
Whether you are giving or receiving a reading, I have found the best way
to look at the at of tarot cards is like going to a very good friend or
mentor for advice. You must remember however, that the tarot does not
control fate, or tell you in any way how to live your life. It can
however raise issues and help to give you a clearer picture or direction
of which path you should follow.
Each of the 78 cards in a tarot deck has a particular meaning associated
with it. However these meanings can change depending on which other cards
are showing, and also depending on the type of spread that you are using
for the reading. There are several different spreads that you can use
each of which requires a different layout for the cards, I'll follow up
on these spreads in a later article.
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